Don’t miss #H50 tonight! 3.19 Hoa Pili #AlexOLoughlin # TaylorWiley


•Kamekona is flying!
•Steve is teaching!
•Max is singing!
•Magnum P.I. group sing along!
•Steve isn’t wearing blue!!
•The return of Mansushi and shark cages!!

Nothing else tonight will be this exciting!! Don’t miss it!

25 thoughts on “Don’t miss #H50 tonight! 3.19 Hoa Pili #AlexOLoughlin # TaylorWiley

  1. “Nothing else tonight will be this exciting” <<— but a girl can dream, right? I have a good imagination!

  2. I will have to wait another 24 hours to watch it, but hey, Steve in tan cargos is worth waiting 😀 !!

  3. I have one question……what can’t McG do? (Except figure out his mother is a LLWL’S?) He can fly a plane, a helicopter , drive fast like its NASCAR time in downtown Honolulu, MMA Fight, wilderness skills, sew, knows 101 uses for crazy glue, cook a steak, break a headboard, speak pigeon, Korean, Japanese, tunee fish, drive a speedboat, kick in doors, blow shit up.

  4. Can he cook? IDK, but I do know he sizzles! Who needs food when he’s around, dessert (wink, wink!) is ALWAYS the way to go!!

    • Yes, I’m in love with this pic too, I like the way he’s leaning back and looking slightly over his shoulder. Is he inviting me to sit on his lap? 🙂 Whatever you want. Cause I’m a consenting adult. #justsayin

  5. ^ “Steve isn’t wearing blue!!” ^ ACA!! The glorious day wardrobe discovered that the world is not blue-and-blue but rather, eh, tan-and-green in this case. TY for the new ep alert, tho I doubt we need to be reminded…

  6. His thighs are so deliciously massive! I’m very jealous of that control panel. I bet I could sqeeeeze myself right between those long luscious legs. I think there is a need for some extra weight on that side of the helicopter. 😉

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