Awesome teaser pic from editing H50 3.20 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

My inner Fangirl just twirled and passed out.

Please send help.

New editing teaser pic by Peter. Hopefully he’ll share more today!



26 thoughts on “Awesome teaser pic from editing H50 3.20 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

  1. I’ll gladly come help you after I get help myself! That looks so awesome!! Do we really have to wait till then?!?! OH NO!!

  2. Someone else might need to run the site because MY inner fangirl just passed out alongside YOUR inner fangirl. We need Steph to step in….


  3. Bamf McRoll’s rock’s. The waiting time to watch this episode will be torture for all of us. Looks like I’m in prison counting the days to go free. Mr. Lenkov really likes to tease us. TY Ess for sharing with us the pictures and the excitement by the episode 3.20.

  4. Mahalo, Kim, for sharing!! And unfff. The world women population is about to drop radically in relation with this epi. Because of overkill. Womenslaughter. Fnk LFR. Unfff. *runs for her life*

  5. Sorry, just noticed I misattributed the post to Kim rather than Ess. And that I typed LFR when I meant FLR. Anything else? To my defence, I find it hard to concentrate on writing in a close proximity of overkill pics. #NotMyFaultAtAll

  6. Steve next to Cath in camo-look? Who is the person in between? Dead? Where’s the rest of the team? My mind is working overtime to get the missing parts together! Don’t you think the Kono/Adam/stuff and the Steve/Mom/stuff are cooking up to the end of season 3? How would they fit together? (Sorry, had to get this stuff out of my mind!)

    • I may be wrong, buttercup, but I think this is a flashback ep. So this scene may or may not be occurring in the present. And I’m sure that other stuff will be in an ep or two before the finale also. Lots to cram into the ones that remain! THIS pic is AMAAAAAAZING to contemplate though. I may end up staring at this awhile. Whew!

    • OK, Potential *Spoiler talk*.. don’t read if that isn’t your thing…

      Judging by the latest Promo pics (see next post) I think that the “sleepy” guy in the road is their driver? Not sure though. I do think that this is present day, and the flashback part is intertwined as they recover Blondies remains.

  7. Why can’t this be a two hour show? There is going to be too much awesome to cram into 42 minutes!!

    • I totally agree Lurxgirl The wait is going to be sweet agony I.m SO glad i have the DVDS for a quick “Fix” while waiting for new epis. Downloads are good as well !! AS in Lenkov {Bless im} downloading MORE pics like this

  8. Ess, you know me and my bad habit of accidentally making plans on the nights when it’s time for h50. So based on this pic and all the hype is it ok to block out the evening when this ep airs? No I’m sorry, I’m not free that night. I have. Uh. Plans. A date. (With the TV).

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