Triple Threat Kevlar Saturday #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DanielDaeKim


Chin….your faaaace!


18 thoughts on “Triple Threat Kevlar Saturday #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DanielDaeKim

  1. I totally misread that as ‘on your face’. Bad Alicia.

    Also asldkajlsdkjsaldsjk x3. Are you TRYING to kill us?

  2. Ahhhh, season 1 kevlar purely kept without to much stuff and with the loop on the neck-back so that we can hold on to him 😉 ! Omg, how can this man have such a stunning beauty !

  3. Would love to be trapped in an elevator with these three! ACA Sabrina, the angle of this shot is killer. Not many people look that good being shot from below like that. The view sure is nice from down here 😉

  4. Can’t say for sure, but it looks like Steve and Chin are both holding guns …. and Danno has his hands in his pockets! LOL. Will have to rewatch to verify. What a difficult item to add to my Saturday to-do list! Thanks for this S1 flashback.

    • Nice catch Karin! Danny’s gun is still in the holster – you can see it. If I recall correctly, he holstered it as soon as he saw the kid in the elevator. Loved this scene. And the upcoming roof scene!!!!

      • I think you’re right, Kim. Totally forgot about the kid. Guess I’ll rewatch anyway, I mean … what can it hurt?

      • One of my favourite eps and the scene that comes next is pure gold. Love it when McG goes the wrong way to exit the roof. And there’s an ‘ergo’ in there, too, isn’t there? (a very under-used word IMHO!).

  5. Awesome picture Ess! {twitch} The have to shoot at this angle because Alex is taller than both DDK and SC – so the upward angle makes them look good and Alex look amazing!!!

    • ^^^ “the upward angle makes them look good and Alex look amazing” <<< A truer word hath never been spoken. Amen.

      TY, Ess, I'm out of words at this. *still looking for words* Nothing. *brain fail*

      Next time pls make it come with a safety warning DANGER OF OVERHEATING.

  6. Gorgeous pic!! Mahalo!!! Love that episode! No, love all S1 episodes.. 🙂 Or every H50 episode?? Daaaamn, ESS I just can’t find words. Uhm words in a sentence that makes sense *lol* His arms… *sigh* I need other parts to focus. First, his lashes, now his arms. Oh, there’s Chin and Danno in that pic??? Yeah, really 😛 Why the sunglasses??? I miss Danno’s ties 😦

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