New editing pic for #H50 3.20 #alexoloughlin

For my non-tweeting friends…it’s been kinda quiet lately. 😦  But here is a teaser for 3.20 that Peter tweeted to everyone yesterday.

Is it April 15th yet?????

Plenkov editing


18 thoughts on “New editing pic for #H50 3.20 #alexoloughlin

  1. I don’t wanna wait any longer til Ep 20!!! I’m not the only one. I know 🙂 There’s another thing. Thank You ESS and all the other girls here, for being drama-free!!! Luv ya!!!

  2. His eyes are freakin’ scaring me! Look at those bags under his eyes, grrrr! Lots of sleepless nights in the Navy, hu? (Nevertheless the beefyness is still there 😉 )

  3. Thank you for remembering us. As I said earlier I have never been so excited for an episode as 3.20. I can only say it will be very painful this time waiting until April 15.

  4. Ess, TY v much for minding us non-Tweeters!

    The scooter TV is funny. Not that I complain but Why T F have an amateurish snap like this when Atplenkov could surely have a professional pic? Am I missing sth?

    The BAMF’s expression and looks are real scary. *talking to my laptop screen* May I have one last wish before you shoot me? Pretty please?

    • Always! I will pass all the goodies on as soon as I can. 🙂 THere some really low quality pics I don’t always post but I figure you at least like to be able to tell that it’s him. lol. If I’m going to fill up your inbox I want it to be something you’ll enjoy. >)

      CVC is right. This is just Peter giving us little tidbits as he’s watching/editing the episode by snapping a pic of the editing screen. Some are better than others but this was a pretty good one.

  5. If I may – I believe from previous pics – @plenkov is sitting in the editing room in front of this giant screen and probs just take a quick pic and tweets it like red meat to the lions – just a tease.

    • TY for the clarica! Makes perfect sense. I didn’t realise TPTB likely don’t realise how much we cherish these tiny teasers. Some pervs may or may not use these as screensavers while waiting for the new epi. Not that I know any. *cough*

    • I’m thinking the entire episode won’t be a flashback….possibly they are doing something (here in this pic) and it causes McG to do the flashback? What do you think?

      • Wow, we’re talking plot here?? J/k… You have actually a good point. And I have no thoughts. Cause I’m as simple as that…

      • I don’t think the whole thing will be a flashback. Unless DDK, Grace and Scott all scored a week off. Then yes it’s an entire flashback episode. 😉

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