3.19 Clip – Magnum P.I. fanboys #H50 posted by @kimphin1

The comparisons have been made, and now Max confirms that they are Magnum PI fans!

Click on the link to BookemDanno.net’s Facebook page and view this hysterical clip!


And, my little collage comparison of Alex/Steve McGarret to Tom Selleck/Magnum PI



34 thoughts on “3.19 Clip – Magnum P.I. fanboys #H50 posted by @kimphin1

  1. Those 4 guys in the chopper, hilarious, I can’t remember when was the last time I was dying of laughter šŸ™‚

  2. Ok, I admit, I have never actually seem Magnum, to me it’s a condom for well endowed men.
    But I do remember seeing TV spots for it when I was little, and hoping my father never grew a mustache
    like that. But this? This I love….because I can watch Alex do his goofy head bopping dance all. day. long.

  3. FRICKIN HILARIOUS! Seeing Steve laugh and sing along was priceless. It would be so awesome if Tom Selleck had a cameo sometime. I know he’s busy with his own show, but CBS can make it happen, right? Oh and he can bring Donnie Wahlberg from his show with him too. I loved NKOTB in the 90s! Sad maybe, but true šŸ™‚

    • I’ve never seen Magnum either and only seen stills of Tom Selleck as Magnum, so I’ve never really studied the hairy issue. L.O.L!!!! I fondly remember him from Friends, though. But if we’re talking getting a Wahlberg on Show, I vote for Mark. šŸ˜‰

  4. Have no clue what Magnum is (mine is a wrong age & wrong region) but still find the vid hilarous & hysterical. LOL šŸ™‚ TY for sharing, Kimphin!

  5. Could somebody please, write down what Danny says to Max in the beginning? Because English is not my first language and I really want to know what he sais! The rest I do understand, my parents used to watch Magnun on german TV (when I was about 10 šŸ˜‰ ) Is Danny supposed to be Rick ? Thanks !

    • Danny says to Max “Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? Are you getting a seizure? Stop it”
      Max replies “I just felt that the Magnum theme song was appropriate”
      Kamekona says ” I loved that show, Higgy-baby was the man” (referring to what the character T.C. used to call Higgins)
      Max “I was very fond of Higgins myself. And Commander McGarrett shares the same Navy SEAL lineage as Magnum and… uh”
      Danny “And WHAT? I’m not Rick, OK?”
      Max “Well, everyone can agree that you are Commander McGarretts humorous sidekick” (McG laughs at this)
      Kamekona “And if we are playing this game, it is obvious who I am – the dashing chopper pilot T.C.”

      The really funny thing is that Masi Oka tweeted back in February that the quote of the day was “What? Everyone knows that you are Commander McGarrett’s bitch” – which must have been one of the lines he threw out there during filming. Hysterical.

  6. Loved Magnum PI, love Tom Selleck, still do. Love Alex and H5-0! I’m a day late but am a happy camper w/the collage! Thanks!,

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