Thigh Holster Thursday #alexoloughlin #scottcaan




19 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

  1. Def makes the world a better place. And so do you, Ess 🙂 TY. Adorable Foy frames. That is, when one stares long enough to notice them.

  2. These upper arms holding that big gun, drop-dead gorgeous 😉 ! … and 2 thigh holster in different leg position, marvellous view, I’m passing out!

  3. Nice – a “rear” view of Danno and McG in all his hotness in b/w w/not 1 but 2 thigh holster! Be still my heart!!

  4. I’ve been so asdfhjkjhfdsa about last Monday’s episode I.FORGOT.ABOUT.THE.DAILY.THEME. !!!! Egads!!! Glad I remembered to look at this one…. sigh. Thigh. Oh My.

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