Finally!! New #H50 3.18 Na’Ki’i #alexoloughlin #michelleborth #DogTheBountyHunter



Monday, 10PM Eastern on CBS!


Roll Call for all the Roller Derby names!

I’m Essin’ Em


26 thoughts on “Finally!! New #H50 3.18 Na’Ki’i #alexoloughlin #michelleborth #DogTheBountyHunter

  1. Kimmander!

    And… FINALLY. Feels like its been FOREVER. Can’t wait for 10PM to roll around.

    heh. *roll around*….

    • Sorry for coming back so late to this…..
      But I found out I really did not need a change of name. ‘Hot Lips Honolulu’ was there in the closing credits (‘Hot Lips’ being my nickname as student at university, I will just gladly take it up again 😛 )

  2. I love your names!! I’m not in a creative mood right now…. Any suggestions??? And I can’t wait to see this episode. But I have to wait til tomorrow. That suckz. 😦

  3. Candi Crusher…cuz I’m pretty sure I’d be a Blocker and not a Jammer (that will make perfect sense after you watch the ep)

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