Fangirl Sunday – Pic Spam #H50 2.01 Ha’i’ole for @alexynay #alexoloughlin

No new episode AGAIN this week so I took a special request (I asked HER, actually) what episode I should pic spam this week. We decided it was time to revisit the scruff and plaid shirt episode…aka Ha’i’ole! Hope you enjoy.

My normal disclaimer: Pic Spam is just me having fun with some of my favorite screen caps. They’re rarely plot related and mostly McG centered. It’s what I like, it’s what I do. McG was epically beautiful and emotional in this episode so a warning is in place. For my girls who are a little more fragile, you might want to view this week’s FGS post from the safety of the floor. Please use appropriate pillow coverage. I care about your well being. 😉

Click on the first cap and scroll through for full size. Feel free to comment on your favorite caps!

53 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – Pic Spam #H50 2.01 Ha’i’ole for @alexynay #alexoloughlin

  1. My fave McG! Season 1 and the first few eps of S2. His hottest time. Lean and hot.
    Did I mention hot? I don’t have a fave pic, they’re all hot.

  2. Excellent choice for picspam. Really lovely caps, Steve all so sweaty and sexy, so many nom noms to enjoy 😀 TY!

  3. I’m out of words. Thank you very much for this gift Ess…
    I sweated, I salivated, I drooled, and of course, I laughed. The full package!!
    I gotta love this episode even more now!

  4. One of my most fav epi’s of s2! Ty for making it sooo enjoyable!! He’s enuf to make me do things I’d be proud of!!! Sigh….

  5. I love this. I love this ep, and now it’s just a wee bit better! Not sure Alex ever looks finer than when he’s sweaty and semi-clothed, conjures all sorts of inappropriate thoughts… and on a Sunday! As always, thank you xx

  6. Can’t believe that dirty & bloody & sweaty turns me on. But it does. *sigh* Not sure if I should try it at home, though. TY for a wonderful post, pic spam are my absolute fav – you’re sooo freakin funny!!

  7. I love to look through an episode again in slow motion, so I can suck in all the awesome McG scenes again 😉 Thank you so much!

  8. ESS, as usual, I loved it!! This episode was one of my faves. It may have to do with hot, sweaty, bloody, shirtless, BAMF, scruffy and totally fckn hot McG!! 😉 Thank you for including the arrest pic when his underarms are showing. I can HARDly describe what his underarms do to me. My jaw drops, I drool, I shiver and I struggle to keep my inner Dom thoughts out of my head! Love new beefy McG, but his body was smokin hot in the first few episodes of S2! What beefy McG lacks in ab definition, he makes up for with his HUGE ARMS AND THIGHS!

  9. Great choice on this episode for the fungirl sunday picspam. Thanks in advance for the advise us that we needed to sitting down comfortable before open the today’s album. It was fun and naughty as we all love. Thank you.

  10. “Look, I can fly!” <— HAHAHA!!

    Star Wars! Star Trek! Hitchhiker's! (although that one may not have been intentional) Love all the geek references!

    And of course the stunt doubles pic, which will NEVER not be funny.

    And so much beautiful gorgeous hotness. #swoon

  11. I really wish you’d start posting some episode pics that contained a little eyecandy. Sheesh. 😛

  12. loved it as always Ess!! one of my fav episodes. BAMF Steve was awesome. so much pretty. BTW, I will happily be at the back of the conjugal visit line 😉

  13. I love this one!! You did a fabulous job! “I’d tell him anything …… and probably a bunch of shit he didn’t want to know” PRICELESS!! I loved this episode if only for that shot of him looking in the locker. IDK why, it just gets me on a purely animal like level!! And my caption for that one is “Ah …. Submissive Steve”

  14. Thanks ESS…for reminding me that this is one of my favorite episodes. It had everything…action, humour, feels and lots and lots of pretty!! Alex looked absolutely AMAZING in this one! All the things he wore (or didn’t wear) might have had something to do with it. The orange jumpsuit, the orange jumpsuit around his waist, the grey bloody tank, the cop uniform, the no shirt, the plaid shirt, the jeans, the no shoes, the cap, the sunglasses, the tight t-shirt, the green cargos..ALL.SOOOO.YUMMY!!

    Oh and I will never tire of seeing him do pushups in that cell. One…because those massive shoulders are FKG MAGNIFICENT..and two…because I always envision myself UNDER him!!!

  15. Safety of the floor – luckily that meant I had sense enough not to open this with the whole family in the house! The stare at the screen would have been hard to explain, but to the one who waits comes great reward. Great pics/gifs and even better caps.

  16. Only Alex can make sitting on the loo, wearing orange, sweat, scruff, injury, plaid and woeful orange make up look sexy.

    So much to love about this episode. Alex knocked it out of the park. Best Max scene EVER, And the stunt double boo-boo will never get old.

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