Outtakes Online by Mike Gordon: #AishaTyler #AlexOLoughlin #H50

Nice, short article on Aisha Tyler.  No real mention of H50 in the article but some realllllly nice photos by Craig T. Kojima.

Outtakes Online: Honolulu Pulse

2013 March 07 HNLPulse

2013 March 07 HNLPulse_b

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25 thoughts on “Outtakes Online by Mike Gordon: #AishaTyler #AlexOLoughlin #H50

    • I’ve only seen her act on CSI…thought she was fine. She is hilarious on The Talk though. Not McG thinks she’s puuuuurrrrty so I guess I won’t be the only one in my house drooling while watching this ep.

      • Love her on the Talk as well. I’ve been hoping she would talk about her H5O experience since she’s back. She’s a very smart lady slipping her arm around that hot body of his! They LOVE DDK on the Talk. Hopefully she’ll say something about our sexy Alex for a change. Oh Lord, those green cargos and v neck do fit mighty mighty fine. Oh yes they do!!! I think the show is waiting for his hair to grow out a bit more so they can style it better.

      • I watched her on CSI also. I thought she was quite capable. Nothing great, but then I don’t think the writing was meant to be especially great. So maybe I haven’t seen the bad stuff…

  1. Alex’s hair is making me smile. On other pics I’ve seen of filming this week it looks to have grown a bit more. Love those green cargos and blue t shirt…

    • RE the hair, to me it too looks funny rather than fugly, gives him a lovely IjustGotUpFromBed look 🙂

  2. Hey guys, I think, I guess, I hope and I’m pretty sure his shirt is WET, maybe sweaty WET ’cause he was wearing the kevlar, omg, I can’t stop looking at those pecs (is that how the word is?) And the green cargos and thigh holster, I can’t wait to see this man on Action 😉

  3. my guess is that the hair was cut super short and dyed for flashback ep, and this is that stage of going back to normal. Though honestly, I had to scroll back up and take a closer look too. I was admiring everything else about him. LOL 🙂

  4. Honestly, Alex could be wearing twigs on his head and I wouldn’t care !!! I’d be giggling, but I wouldn’t care. And that Aisha better be lovin’ our guy, once she met him. Daniel’s fine, but Alex is way finer !!!

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