Where is his short shorts and helmet? #AlexOLoughlin #h50 #rollerderby

For my non tweeting friends…

Some good stuff being released today! Stunt Coordinator (and soon to be director) Jeff Cadiente (@airjef) just tweeted this pic of Alex and the girls.


As if I have to tell you, tune in to CBS Monday for all the fun!


21 thoughts on “Where is his short shorts and helmet? #AlexOLoughlin #h50 #rollerderby

  1. My first thought, upon seeing this picture: What I would give to switch places with that purple rocking horse. Like, seriously. You do not want to know what’s going through my head right now.

    • It is!! hunny_bee1 don’t feel bed. A friend DM’d me and said, “Alex on a unicorn forever lol’ing!!” and I was all, “Alex on a unicorn??” I was wondering WTF they had been doing at work today. 😉 Huh. There IS a unicorn in the picture! Scooter.

    • But doesn’t she know that we want to see him with less clothing not more? She should be trying to REMOVE something. Preferably the pants, but I’d settle for the shirt!! Even his shoes would be a good start!!

  2. I wonder if he gets nervous being surrounded by all those lucky bitches. Knowing they all want to rip his clothes off and take places with that purple unicorn! WTF? Nicely placed unicorn horn 😉 I bet it is envious of Alex’s “horn”. 😯

  3. it’s not a “horn”, it’s a “moose”, or so said that guy from ML.
    I hate his stupid goofy face.

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