A Throwback Thursday pic of “That guy…” #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

“That guy from that show at the shop Waipio.” <<- credit Tiffspliff Instagram

Thanks to Unofficial Alex O'Loughlin Fanclub – Russia Facebook


9 thoughts on “A Throwback Thursday pic of “That guy…” #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

    • There was no date given but on #ThrowbackThursday they usually post older pics. He’s wearing his Aloha shirt that they were selling in Hawaii right after the Japan tsunami for fundraising. So I’m assuming this was March/April-ish in 2011.

  1. “That guy from that show” >>> I am always surprised when I post pics of him on my FB page and get from women and men “Who is that hottie?” 🙂 I am so glad I turned the TV to CBS that Monday night 2 years ago. I watched it originally to see DDK, but “Mr. McHottie” was all I could think about after the show was over. The rest is history. I am now a totally obsessed McPerv and proud of it!! 😉 The hat and white tee…FLAIL

    • I am hoping that was sarcasm on their part. lol. It really isn’t fair when people who aren’t really fans get to meet them and take pics and then those that really want to meet them don’t get the opportunity. 😦

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