White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin by @Kimphin1


Be still my heart….

30 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin by @Kimphin1

  1. One of my favourite Three Rivers moments. Andy realising his feelings for Lisa might run a little deeper than just being colleagues.
    OH please let this man play another doctor somewhere in his career!!

  2. I love Dr Andy almost as much as Steve, almost! This pic is just lovely xx

    (Also have to share, my bestie made a cake for me and it was Steve’s beach, how we’ll does she know me!!!)

  3. Yes s!zZ you must check out Dr. Andy on Three Rivers – tons of pretty – so much that you want to become an organ donor!! Yes Alex makes a great doctor – if mine looked like him, I’d be sick ALOT! :-)!

  4. This is a very sweet and powerfully emotional scene for several different reasons that I won’t go into out of respect to those that haven’t watched yet.

    Unnnffff. Kim this is gorgeous in b & w!!

  5. Kim, beautiful pic and in b&w…yumm. I love him in b&w! To be in his arms….*sigh* #NOSEPORN 😛 Good Lord he is just so frickin beautiful it hurts to look at him sometimes.

  6. I think Alex was the MOST beautiful EVER as Dr Andy. He just shone and i loved THREE RIVERS. I’ve been to the location where that shot was filmed in Los Angeles and have a lovely photo of it. {SIGH]

      • OHH ESS !!Did I sound as if i was bragging I hope NOT . I would not want people to think that, its just that i live in Southern California and Location places are easy to get to i have also met Amber who is sweet and very Beautiful. I cried when she and Alex broke up but life goes on and I wish Alex and Malia and their boys all the best and for Amber to find her own special happiness

  7. She is beautiful. So is Malia…and the mother of his child so I bet that makes her even more beautiful to him.

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