New BTS pics from #H50 set #AlexOLoughlin in a suit!!

Some new pics, one from today and one I forgot to post last wk (slacker!)

Credit to: @Tiffany_Dupont on Twitter

“My ep of @HawaiiFive0CBS airs next Monday 3/18! Watch it! It’s smashing…literally”


Credit to: BeautyAndTheInkHawaii Instagram


Big thanks to @lschultz714 and @alexynay of The Alex O’Loughlin Journal Facebook page for the heads up! ❀ ya girls!

50 thoughts on “New BTS pics from #H50 set #AlexOLoughlin in a suit!!

  1. I think I would have died if I was waiting for him to take a pic with me and he showed up in that suit…D.I.E.D!!!

    5 more sleeps til this ep…CANNOT.WAIT!!!!

    Awwwww Dusty!! She looks a little cranky doesn’t she?! Perhaps she’s jealous that her daddy is spending so much time with all the other girls!! I know EXACTLY how she feels!!

  2. McG in a suit!? Is it really going to be in the episode?! I think I may not survive, but I must, because I have to see 3:20! Then I’ll die. I love the feel of a suit…my hands would be rubbing all over him. πŸ™‚ Fitted dress pants on his magnificent ass…I will be arrested for sure, but not before I get a big smile out of Alex. I’m all talk. I’d probably stand there with my mouth hanging open, drool running out, and speaking total gibberish. I see grey in his scruff and a little in his temples. YUMM! Please show, let him have his grey back, at least a little. Ok, and can we talk about his pecs in the cammos?! Again, my hands would be rubbing all over them and….I feel a tongue twitch coming on. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for these pictures. They have really brightened my gloomy day!!

  3. Now i’m curious about the choice of Steve’s suit and tie. Maybe he also goes undercover like Catherine in this episode.

    • Marta you read my mind. I was also going to ask abotu why he is in a suit and tie. But as far as I know he does not go undercover like Catherine. but im curious to know why he is in a suit

  4. I want a slow strip tease from him with that suit on! Does anyone know why the show was rerun for 3 weeks? I was going into withdrawals and you pictures were the only thing that kept me sane! Thank you!

    • Boom-chica-bow-wow!!

      They always have a break about this time of year. Other shows had a break also. I think they may have an extra week of break on CBS because of the college basketball championship game airing. I *think*. Seems like the season started a week or two earlier this year also which is giving them more time to fill.

      Oh yay for sanity! Wait, you’re sane AND you stuck around with us?? You’re a brave women. πŸ˜‰ We’re very happy you did. ❀

  5. Yeah, like I posted somewhere out there before, Alex is like the Eveready battery: he keeps going and going and going . . . and getter sexier and sexier and sexier. More buff, more delicious, more . . . . Just more everything!!!! He is so hot!!! And, it’s so cold here in New Jersey!!!!!!!!

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