H50Junk Drawers “Adventures of Stick!SteveMcGarrett and #POTC mash up

Congrats to the awesome H50 Junkdrawer on its 100th post! What an epic adventure!!

Stick!Steve and stick!CaptJackSparrow FTW!!

Junk Kicker's #H50 Junk Drawer



Thank you all for your support these last 99 posts. It has been an adventure and a joy and I look forward to many more!

Please enjoy the following with my apologies for (a) the slow start and (b) yet it may go too fast for those of you with English as a Second Language and (c) it may require full-screen viewing on a desktop monitor, a phone screen will just be too small.

Other than that…

Again, special thanks to Ess for her time during all the initial brainstorming. Easy to say this idea wouldn’t have even happened without her suggestions, input & support! I hope you all enjoyed watching this as much as we did planning it.

So I’ll leave you with my first sketch of Pirate Steve, drawn on that day back in January…tweets 4

Oh, and of course, Ess’…

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39 thoughts on “H50Junk Drawers “Adventures of Stick!SteveMcGarrett and #POTC mash up

  1. You ladies are the absolute best!! I bow to your imagination and talent!! My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your hard work and awesomeness! I love being a H5-0 fan!!

  2. Of all the things there have ever been, this is the best! Laughing so hard at work, my colleagues are getting used to it by now! Just brilliant! Xx

  3. Love this! Love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and theme music and the font you used and the colors! Not on #teamguyliner! Wondering why it looks like one of the pirates in the fight had a mouth full of foam? (No H8 to the artiste) Did the fight interrupt his tooth brushing routine?
    This was great and it bears a rewatching a few more times for all the things everyone else will point out that I know I missed.
    You ought to inscribe the leather FUCUP bracelets with pirate-y font of FOY when you make them for us all. I’m waiting by my mailbox. *looks in – is disappointed*

  4. This is so great!!! You girls come up with the best and funniest ideas and make me laugh all the time 🙂
    Good thing that I’m always looking at your blogs at home, so none of my colleagues think I’m going crazy 🙂

    • Thanks Lucy!! Have no doubt, we’ll be thinking the next silly story up in 3…..2…..1….. 🙂

      PS…I love writing your name. Did you get excited hearing McG calling your name in the camping episode? Because I get excited just typing your name. LUCY!! In my mind you’re a 10 yr old blonde girl who wants to marry Steve when she grows up. Don’t we all…

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