Moonlight Monday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin

Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up!


26 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pic….SO.FKNG.HOT!!! That open mouth…that jawline…those huge (oh my!), gorgeous fingers…MMMMMick!!!

  2. I´m not sure, but I think it´s the first time I write a comment on Moonlight Monday. 🙂 I don´t think you have to let blood breathe before drinkin… 😉 But I’m not sure. Is there anyone we can ask that question??? No, I won’t talk about lashes. No. Feel free to remind me, if I’ll do in the future. 🙂 Btw, I don’t like men with long hair, I don’t like vampire stuff, I don’t like chest hair. And I don’t like Criminal Minds. Just sayin. Each point BEFORE H50. No, before I met that fabulous person: ESS!!! *hugz*

    • I wouldn’t think you would need to let blood breathe either if they’re drinking t directly from the vein for the most part. If they’re doing so in the glasses it’s probably just a habit and trying to savor a little of what they can enjoy since they can’t eat anymore.

      “Btw, I don’t like men with long hair, I don’t like vampire stuff, I don’t like chest hair. And I don’t like Criminal Minds.” – lol oh I have nothing to do with it babe. I’m merely the facilitator, Alex is the life ruiner. Fkn Life Ruiner, FLR.

      • It´s all your fault *lol* You made me watch CM. And so, you made me fall in love with a serial killer. You made me watch Moonlight. So you made me fall in love with long hair and a vampire. You see, all your fault 😉 But thatz why I luv ya!!! Seriously! You know why! Mahalo nui loa!!!

    • FOYeur – that comment fits so nicely with the picture of a genteel vampire having a snifter of blood, LOL.

    • Yes!! You will enjoy these so much more! The beauty of Mick is not so much in his physical beauty, but in the “moment” of the show. So many wonderful moments. ❤

      • Not like the physical beauty isn’t there though, right? I know exactly you mean though, when you get a better understanding of the tortured soul, he gets even more beautiful, inside and out.

  3. FLR is so right!!! The man just parts his lips and we all want to plunge right in between them 😀 His hand in this pic…oh my.. ,,how his long orgasmic fingers wrap around the fragile glass… *quiver* Great pic ESS! Sorry, your caption just reminded me of his interview when he says ” Hips up, baby,” and smiles…TPD!

  4. Awsome! Which episode is this from? But on the other hand perhaps I now have a reason (I have been looking for one) to get the DVDs back into the DVD-player again…

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