FEED (ME) The discussion #alexoloughlin #patrickthompson NSFW-ish

FEED: This is a story of extremes. I’m recapping a story. Statements made are not necessarily my truly held beliefs and in no way am I judging anyone or attempting to stereotype anyone. (Ok, except maybe serial killer psychos) It’s a story that can’t be told without use of certain terms that I may not use in my daily conversation but must be used here. So please don’t take offense to anything I write. That said, I’m assuming if you watched the movie, you put your own sensitivity to the side and are here to discuss the same things. No judgement. No accusations.


Cherish – Such a sweet and innocent opening song. Even in this dark tale, I love that movie doesn’t take itself completely serious. It easily sets the tone for the coming conflict. The juxtaposition of good vs evil, love vs anger, outward beauty vs inherent beauty.

Michael, the proverbial vision of the all American male, handsome, blonde, blue-eyed, fit, hairless (?)…has bought dinner for his lady love, Deidre. Deidre is….not the vision of the all American female.


Our first view of Deidre. Quiet, eyes closed, serene…we wonder is she dead? She opens her eyes and asks Micheal sweetly, “What day is it?” Micheal responds, “You know what day it is…” while he removes the FF from their bags, his wedding ring and his clothes. I love that he’s buck nekkid and she’s excited about the burgers. “FEED ME” he makes her beg…. (Little Shop of Horrors, anyone?)


Next we get introduced to Phillip who is a cybercrime investigator in Sydney, Australia. He’s traveled to Hamburg (no, seriously) to hunt down a predator. What they find is so nasty and disgusting I can’t even recap it except to say a man is self-mutilating and eating his own body parts. “I WANT TO BE EATEN!” (is it judgmental to say people are weird little shits?)


Michael is bathing Deidre and she smiles adoringly at him and sweetly says, “You make me so happy”. Juxtapose this with Phillip’s returning home to his thin, beautiful bitch of a girlfriend and their “open” relationship turns into immediate fighting, accusations and insults. *Huh* Deidre looks lovingly at Michael while Phillip’sgirlfriend smacks him around to the tune of one of my favorite 1980’s songs, “Tainted Love”. Stopping point A – Which relationship would you rather be in?


Back at work, Phillip and his partner Nigel search for their next cybercriminal. They stumble upon a website for Feeders and Gainers. Intrigued, Phillip decides to look further. The discussion of who is the master and who is the slave ensues. Phillip, “The Gainer relinquishes complete control over their lives to the Feeder. Even their basic bodily functions.” Nigel, “..but if the Feeder is the one who has to look after the Gainer, doesn’t that make HIM the slave?” *huh* Phillip and Michael embark on a computer cat and mouse game which is way over my head in techy lingo but in the end, Michael sends this message to Phillip: Consumption is evolution – If you are what you eat then what are you when you’re eaten? Philip is baited like a fish on a hook.


Oh what a lovely shot of Michael getting his workout on! All hot, muscular and sweaty. Hello back muscles. What was I saying??? What an unceremonious cut away to Phillips’s nekkid bum in the shower 😦 but I have wonder, when you are bombarded with that type of filth every day for work…can you ever take enough showers? How does that FK with your head?


Speaking of fk’d in the head, we get the first glimpse of a young Michael, taking care of his morbidly obese, house bound mother. She says to him, “FEED ME.”


Back at work, Phillip discovers Michael is tracking these ladies vitals. *huh* that’s odd. Why? He continues to suspect something is afoul here but he keeps getting the brush of by his partner and superiors. “Is it a crime to feed someone?” “If these women are as overweight as you say, they will die anyway.” Nigel slightly relents and admits if he’s force feeding these women, and streaming it live it’s comparable to a snuff film. That would make him a “serial killer”. Has Michael found the perfect crime? It’s so out in the open and perfect, that it must be legit, right? Phillip’s boss sends him home for the month to gain some perspective and recoup. This bait he ain’t taking!

Dual S.x.ng scenes: Hard and heavy vs sweet and ok, slightly gross…to mainstream america but what about them? *huh*


When Phillip wakes up alone with the word “PIG” written in lipstick across his chest, we get the first of his flashbacks. Ah…seems we both have some mommy issues.


Michael moves Deidre to the country house. (internet serial killing pays well, y’all!) How does he get her here is the Q in my head but I’ll let it go. (Movie FAIL) She doesn’t like it and wants to go ‘home’ and we get the first of Michael’s headgames to Deidre, “Maybe I need a girl who appreciates the world dropped at her feet” but in a quick 180 tells her “you’re so beautiful” with that trademark AOL sparkle in his eye and she says, “Say it again…” and the tenderness is almost palpable in this one moment. Stopping point B – I gotta tell you, this moment has moved me every single time I watch it. What woman, hell, what person alive, doesn’t want someone to say this to them….in THIS way? (FLR) And I feel so much emotion from this woman who has probably been starved (no pun intended) for this kind of love and attention possibly her entire life. Alex and Gabbie are killing me softly in this scene.


Phillip discovers the IP address is streaming from a house in Toledo, OH. So with his future freed up, he heads to the good ‘ol USA. God Bless America…..and the cockroaches. At the address Phillip discovers it’s Michael’s childhood home. Among the usual remnants he finds and old, dusty bible with the inscription, “Dear Michael, the only compass you’ll ever need.” And it’s a picture of the compass/cross that is tattoo’d on Michael’s gorgeous, muscular back. Phillip finds the Priest who inscribed it and Brownie, I mean..the Priest tells him a story of a young troubled young boy who came to live with them. They don’t talk about him. “God can do his own dirty work,” he proclaims. Through flashbacks we see Michael took a certain interest in the daughter, a beautiful, curvy young girl. Getting no hard info from the Father, he finds the young woman out for a walk and approaches her. Tells her this tale of hooking up with a beautiful girl, 5’2”, 360#’s, just his “type” and he came all the way to the states to meet her to find out it was a ruse. (baited and hooked) She tells him she used to be “height/weight” proportionate but her older brother saw her “potential” and that he has 2 houses, one of which she will go to live at when he finishes fixing it up. She gives him the street address to her brother’s house. Her brother, Michael Carter.


Phillip watches Michael leave and knowing he will be occupied for awhile he breaks into the house and just as he sits down to work on the computer in walks M’s wife. OH SHIT! Chasing her outside he’s confronted by Michael who has returned home and has now moved into protector mode of his wife. His thin, beautiful wife. *huh*


LET THE C*CK-OFF BEGIN!! Michael figures, what the hell, Phillip has come a long way and hey, he doesn’t have any authority here so he explains that he’s just a Facilitator…an Enabler, allowing his women to “go after the body they want free of society norms….and I love that about them.” Sidebar: Alex needs to stop with the low, growly voice because it’s turning me on….wait…ok, now he’s just babbling nonsense. Crap. It’s still hot.FLR.


When Phillip asks where Lucy is, the first girl he saw on his website, Michael says she’s a model and a free agent. She’s gone on to bigger and better things. Pretty sure the pun was intended. O.o

One last cutting question from Michael, “ Don’t you have anyone who loves you? (OUCH. No. No, he doesn’t ) Michael, with trophy wife under his arm, in front of his large suburban house waves by as Phillip drives off to his dingy hotel room to drink himself to sleep….alone.


Knock, Knock. – Phillip opens the door to find Michael standing there. Oh, this can’t be good… Michael brings him coffee and a breakfast sandwich and says he doesn’t think Phillip gets the full comprehension of what he does. You see, “Fashion, culture and Madison Ave have usurped true beauty. Models are skinny, androgynous women with small breasts. More like boys. Nourishing, honoring, caring for a woman THE WAY SHE IS. That’s what it is to love a woman. I respect my Queen.” The women he ‘nurtures’ are ‘freed’. Why are psychos so articulate?? Phillip slowly realizes hes’ been drugged as Michael asks, “What about the woman in your life? Do you treat her nice?” –flashbacks to that last night with his girlfriend which we find ended in violence…. To quote Michael here, she was no Queen and he didn’t respect her…

Consumption is evolution. Something is always eating something else & the best eaters are at the top of the food chain. 6 Billion people on earth…we are consuming HER alive.” <<– Nice. My wanting to fist bump Michael abruptly ends when he jumps on the bed and straddles Phillip in his tight dress slacks. I lose track of what he’s blah blahing about except that ALEX.IS.TOTALLY.CRUSHING.THIS.SCENE. and I’m actually a wee bit skeered of him.


Later Phillip discovers that Lucy is in fact, dead. What little sanity he had left went bye bye. He kidnaps Michael’s wife from her church and shows her what Micheal really does online. Oh, she knows! she. thinks. she. does. “Michael cares for these women!!”, she defends. Even when Phillip shows her the real story, that Michael’s website is not about voyeurism but about feeding these women to the point of death and taking bets on when they will die.

Michael and Deidre are again lovey dovey, “I love you. You’re my jelly belly” says Deidre. Michael says, “You’re my jelly belly” and gives her a look that I honestly can’t explain. Somewhere between madness and love. Did he feel this way for all of the women? He does his silly dance for her to make her laugh and giggle but when she rebukes him for taking it a bit too far, she sounds just.like.his.mother. Oh no, she didn’t!!


Michael mixes a special concoction to speed up Deidre’s weight program. Bypassing the age old past time of chewing your food and swallowing, we start going straight to the gut by way of funnel and gastric tube. Phillip has found his new hideout and as these two men confront each other, they buckle their belts, stow their trays and bring their seats upright for the final descent into CrazyTown. Population 2.


The next few scenes are extremely brutal. We meet Dad, who hasn’t moved in 20 yrs, the remains of Lucy and I feel that Michael is quite getting off on it.



When confronted with Michael’s lies about being married, the murders and his obvious descent to madness, Deidre wavers between being appalled and afraid to protective. In the end she still loves her man. Even in his most psychotic display of “power” by attempting to suffocate her, her first words are, “It’s ok, it’s my fault, baby.” Michael’s words are soothing as he says, “yeah, but it’s ok though.” Michael has laid down the gun in this fairytale ending and Phillip leaps for it. Even though Phillip ends up with the gun, Michael still emerges with the “power” as Deidre is hurling obscenities at Phillip and screams for him to leave, defending the man who just tried to kill her. Michael taunts Phillip that it wasn’t quite the ‘heroes welcome’ he thought he’d get by running in there to “save the poor fat woman”. Calls him nothing but a “bad joke” as the insults continue to spew out of Deidre.


What was that sound? Oh that’s the Snap, Crackle and Pop goes the gun as Phillip turns and shoots Deidre in the head, instead of killing Michael. Michael drops to his knees and quietly says, “no…”. But what was he sad about? The loss of Deidre’s life or the ill-timing….one he can’t collect his bets on?


FFWD to Michael’s baby sister who has taken up residence in his old, large suburban home with none other than Phillip! *huh* She packs sandwiches for our hero and his little day trip. Warning him to be careful…”it’s murder out there.” *ugh* Where is Phillip going? To work? Naw…he’s going to visit Michael, who is now the star of his own movie being streamed to the net. Sitting alongside Deidre’s decaying corpse, his starving body barely manages to utter the words Phillip forces him to say:




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  1. ESS I just knew that you would write an AMAZING review of FEED and you really supassed my expectations. This is awesome stuff. !!
    Very interesting that the ONLY thing we ever see Michaels “Trophy wife” eat is a Communion Wafer. “BREAD OF HEAVEN” and FOOD of ANGELS according to the Major Faiths, Catolicism Orthodoxy. Anglicanism and Lutheran. So far from Michaels Force feeding of his women,??? Victims???? NOT your usual mainstream film that is for certain.And how about the so called Normal guy who abuses and uses his girlfriends and ends up with Michaels sister!! Now the reason for that I could never figure out. What is your take on that one???

    • Hey all! Love the comments so far! I have a busy day but will be back to respond and catch up on new comments later today when things slow down. Thanks for participating!

    • Pommienana thanks so much!! I really struggled with this as to which way was the best. Just make a few comments and caps or really go into a recap? I figured the best way to get discussion going with this one was a true recap style post. So glad it made sense to people. lol. I tell you though, watching it again to recap I caught so much more of the subtleties and details.

      Ok why did Phillip end up with Michael’s sister? My guess is Phillip was so totally cray cray that he took everything of Michael’s. His house, his money, his sister then tormented him with it.

        • Oh I forgot this part….but I also think Phillip loved her which I think they were in some way also making the statement that love really doesn’t have a “size”. What I noticed this time after picking it apart for the recap and listening to Alex’s interviews is that there is almost nothing in this movie that wasn’t specific for a reason.

      • I do agree that Phillip wasn’t exactly the picture of mental health, but I think to a certain extent that he craved the adoration that he saw Michael getting from the gainers. I think that Phillip realized that he could have a relationship with the sister that was much easier to control than a relationship that was totally out of control (what he had with the girlfriend)

        I loved how all of the scenes of Phillip’s life “before” (so to speak) were filmed in dreary shades of gray and blue, and then his new life was all colorful, kinda like “Pleasantville”

  2. It took me a long time to watch this movie the first time, for the content of the film, but mainly because the Spanish dub is terrifying. But once I decided to watch it, I was very satisfied. I recently got the original film and finally I could enjoy 100% of the performance of Alex.
    I am not able to provide an extensive review of the film because of my limited English. But I did want to say that to me, is one of the best performances of Alex, still very young, and with few resources, he was able to do a great job with Michael. He gave me many feelings, good and bad, and I think in the end, he accomplished the mission of any good actor, does not leave anyone indifferent.
    Yes, it’s a difficult film to watch, but if you’re a fan of Alex, you are bound to see it sooner or later, so the sooner the better!

    • Thanks for the comments babe. I bet trying to watch it with subtitles would make it even more obscure! Glad you finally got it in it’s original form to enjoy. These are things I, as an English speaking person, take for granted.
      Alex hit all the marks in this film for sure. A very powerful display of his abilities.

    • Yes! Are you speaking about the confrontation on the front lawn? That has always been my favorite scene. So powerful and even though he starts babbling nonsense at one point, he really does make some good points. Same with his speach in the hotel room. It’s why i included a lot of his comments in the recap, I just thought they were so powerful.

  3. I love this movie! It’s gross @ times but hits the nail on the head when it comes to American’s obsession with appearances. The most interesting part to me is how the hero becomes the villain and the villain somewhat redeems himself in the end. Both relationships are effed up but does Phillip treat his gf better than Michael treats Deidre? I think in some sick way Michael loved her if psychopaths are capable of love. And the ending left me with a creepy feeling all night long.

    • “hits the nail on the head when it comes to American’s obsession with appearances” – doesn’t it though? What I thought was interesting was reading somewhere that the reason Alex went blonde for the role was to portray the all american, “perfect” male. On the outside, he had the perfect home and the trophy wife but interestingly enough no children. Was it possible that was all just a marriage of convenience and no real love/affection/sexual attraction between the two? *huh* <<–that thought just came to me.

      I too think Michael loved Deidre (and Lucy and whoever else) in the way that psycho serial killers are able to feel love.

  4. Awesome movie review, ESS. And this movie is rather hard to review, IMO. No, it isn’t the greatest story ever told, nor is it a story I was wanting to know, but in the end, in spite of its barebones budget and rookie participants, it ends up scoring some social points, entertaining when it isn’t grossing out, and Alex’s acting is utterly enthralling.

    I love that you began discussing the seemingly incongruous use of Cherish for the opening. How appropriate, in the end, right? What do we cherish? These folks, not so much what you and I cherish, but it is kinda about that.

    I cannot watch the scene in Hamburg. I watched it the first time around, and in subsequent viewings, I bloop bloop through that part. No way. Never again. Ick. 😦

    The juxtapositions of Michael’s and Phillip’s relationships is the most interesting part of the movie for me. I found myself straight up disgusted with Phillip by the end; he had no redeeming qualities for me. And while grossed out by Michael and disgusted too, I did at least feel a bit sorry for him. He was damaged as a kid, and was dealing with making a life for himself. There was at least some truth, some human feeling, some ability, however effed up, to love in that character. So, btw, I never watch the very ending now either, cause Skeletal Alex makes me cry. 😦 😦

    The highlights of the film for me are the scenes between Michael and Phillip, cause they just ARE so ass-backwards. Michael seems the better man, and how can that be? Their initial meeting in Michael’s yard is just awesome and yeah, Michael spouts some nonsense but there is real social commentary hidden in there too. Crazy people aren’t stupid, they’re just crazy. The scene at Michael’s old house is also good; Phillip acts the child and spits on Michael’s shoe. Michael utters “charming”, calmly wipes his shoe, and waits for the arriving cops to scare Phillip away. He seems so sane for a psycho! And then of course the big scene at the end, where he and Phillip play spider and fly and we cannot tell who has trapped whom until the very end. Alex’s portrayal of a psychotic man alternately playing sane and crazy in that scene is just mesmerizing. I would LOVE to see him get another such complicated role.

    There isn’t much sex appeal for me in this movie, in spite of Alex’s nakedness a few times. The subject matter interferes, but I do appreciate how they have juxtaposed this healthy, extremely buff man and his unhealthy, extremely obese lady love (and income stream, I know I know 😉 ). The script isn’t Oscar material, but there are some thinking moments in here. Again, a thinking and well made movie, with a complex part for our leading man would be SO awesome, Hollywood! You hear?? 🙂

    • “The juxtapositions of Michael’s and Phillip’s relationships is the most interesting part of the movie”.
      I agree with you, GNP! I’d also add that the development of their characters through the movie is what makes it an interesting film. At the end you’re left wondering who is the “good” guy and who is the “bad” guy? Or is there even one of each? Which character is more of a psychopath? Did Michael get what was coming to him in the end?
      Personally I like it when a movie makes me think about what the filmmakers were trying to say, and leaves me questioning things!

    • Thanks GNP!!
      “What do we cherish? These folks, not so much what you and I cherish, but it is kinda about that.” <<—this. Actually at some point, everyone got what they Cherished, didn't they? Phillip got his bad guy and a loving GF in the end (though how much he loved her is debatable), Michael got the love from a woman that he didn't get from his mother, the girls Michael kept got love, adoration and the "world dropped at their feet" by a handsome young man.

      I don't know that I ever ended up feeling sorry for Michael. I don't think I quite hit that arc but I did understand him a little. Again, this is where I think story tried to hard with the whole murder thing on the website. I would have rather had it just be a story about this lifestyle….but I guess there would be no need for the Aussie cop, eh?

  5. fantastic review. As an overweight woman, I found the subject matter to be quite disturbing. Sure, I’m not anywhere near the size of Diedre, but it worried me as I started the film. As I thought, the movie led me through a lot of emotions. How I long to feel loved and cherished! It really was a weird experience watching it.
    This movie left me in awe of his acting and totally freaked by it at the same time. Still, it stands of one of my favorite AOL movies for the same reasons.

    • That’s so interesting I never thought about what kind of perspective an overweight viewer would have.
      PS ur beautiful & I love you xo

      • ^^What Kelly said!!^^
        Luna, thanks for your honest and brave comment!

        “This movie left me in awe of his acting and totally freaked by it at the same time.” – <<<—THIS!!

  6. This was not an easy watch on so many levels. I don’t think I can put it better than Grace – two minds with one thought, though you are much more eloquent than me. Once again totally blown away by Alex, for something to be so unpleasant but totally compelling at the same time is simply remarkable! Thank you for doing this- fairly sure I would have never watched otherwise, but I’m glad I did. That said I’m glad we get H50 3×11 tonight, so it will be the last thing I see instead of Feed – don’t want that in my head at bedtime!

  7. I don’t know how many times I have watched this movie, and I NEVER noticed Deidre rotting in the background!!!
    Also, so many gross scenes, but the one that got me feeling pukey was when Philip woke up after his drug induced nap in the motel and found that (gag) Micheal has injected some of Lucy’s (gag) fat under his skin (wretch). I want to vomit just thinking about it.

    • I think I’ve watched probably 4 or 5 times now and the gross scenes don’t really register with me anymore. In the end, after the movie is over it’s not the parts that I think of. Maybe I’m weird. lol.

      • There is a lot of gross in this movie. Before I watched it for the first time I was unsure (I can handle a lot of gore in films, but I’d been warned that this was REALLY gory) I think it was Tink who in the end convinced me that if I could watch Se7en, I could watch this. The gross scenes are shocking, but that’s the intention. Personally I had a harder time watching Philip and his girlfriend’s abusive relationship. I agree with ESS, the gross stuff isn’t what really stays with you.

    • All of the liquid fat scenes were giving me gag reflex. I almost had to stop watching when Michael was feeding Dierdre with the funnel. I was a lot more grossed out in this movie than I was in Se7en!

  8. you know he wrote and produced this also. I loved the ending, this show is very deep, agree some of the factors were a bit gross , but it was interesting how his and Jack Thompson’s minds work.

    • Actually, he didn’t write the screenplay. The movie was based on an “idea” he and Patrick Thompson had. It’s even billed that way in the credits. There is an interview somewhere where he says that it was a difficult process because the idea was theirs yet they had to ultimately give up control over the direction the film went in to the screenwriter. Alex said there were a lot of “fuck you’s” exchanged. lol.

      I got the feeling that the murder and crime aspect of the movie is something they weren’t crazy about and ironically I kinda agree. I was much more intrigued by the relationship aspects and that process than I was by them turning Michael into a serial killer.

      Also, for people who don’t know this, the roles were supposed to be reversed. Alex was supposed to play Phillip and Patrick the role of Michael but they decided to flip it. I don’t remember why though…anyone know that bit? My guess is if they were wanting Michael to be more of the all american, perfect male…the obvious choice was Alex.

  9. also loved his tramp stamp, he didn’t alter it till he started H5O, wonder if Malia made him do it? I think his best movie was Mary Bryant, excellent, have been watching it every now and then for years. Makes me cry everytime.

    • The tribal piece was already visibly completed april 2011, its an extensive piece now and I doubt it was done in one sitting.
      He was photographed walking with a brunette the following weekend, who was not Malia. I think the polynesian twist he put on the piece is a tribute to the love he has for Hawaii and its culture.

  10. This is actually my favourite film of Alex’s, first watched it years ago when it was released, wasn’t until I watched Moonlight and thought “I’ve seen this hot piece of ass in something else” (those were my exact words). Took me ages to figure out what.
    The only part of it that makes my toes curl in disgust is the scene with the baked beans – Damn I HATE baked beans!
    Guess that says a whole lot about me, I’m not easily offended, pretty open minded, but revolted and deeply offended at the sight of baked beans! (even when aforementioned hot piece of ass is smothered in them, go figure……)

    • CLAIRE!! I’m LOL’ing at your comment! *love* —>> “I’m not easily offended, pretty open minded, but revolted and deeply offended at the sight of baked beans!” Best comment!!

      wow, you watched this before? Are you from Australia?

      • Hi, no, I’m English. It was on at the cinema here on on a midnight showing, I remember the advert said something like ” The sickest film of the year, you’ll never eat again”. The picture was the ass shot, we made some crude comment about eating HIS ass, bought a huge bucket of popcorn and took our seats! My friend ate none of the popcorn, I sat there merrily munching away until the bean scene (blurghhhhhhh ), threw the bucket down in disgust and said outloud “eew you filthy pig”.
        Looked at my friend, who at this point couldn’t breathe or speak for laughing, and said “that’s revolting”, she couldn’t answer me.
        Filthy pig has remained our affectionate nickname for him over the years, for example, “d’ya see the filthy pig has shaved his bead? Yum” was said only last week.
        It was handy because until now, nobody knew who we were talking about! Damn,I really didn’t think this through did I?

  11. Great review Ess!
    Feed was one of the last works of Alex that i watch because the theme bothers me. But Ess challenged us and here I am trying to explain what I felt.
    We used to see the good cop and bad serial killer but is not the case. There is ambiguity in their characters. Both had problems in the relationship with the mother and this was reflected in their relationship with women, especially the image they have of women.
    And the fight between them looked obsession about the behavior of each other. But the end surprised me with the predator becomes the victim and the police becomes the pervert, the madman.
    Alex can once again create in us the feeling of love / hate relationship with the character of evil and hatred not only as one would expect as Michael (also made ​​with Vincent and Luke).
    I liked the movie.
    Thanks Ess for the challenge of watching Feed and trying express myself in english here!

    • Marta! You did wonderful!!! I’m glad you watched and liked it. Whew! It’s very thought provoking and the twist of characters and it really kind of keeps you guessing. Even now I could probably rethink everything and possibly convince myself the opposite is true.

      Wait, who is Luke? What show/movie is that from? I’m drawing a blank!

      • Luke Anderson is a character in a episode of Black Jack: Sweet Science (Aussie series). You can watch on youtube the whole episode by pieces (6 parts by Diglia1). Watch and tell me what do you think.
        I can finally say that I saw all the Alex’s work that is edited. Hugs.

  12. I tried to watch it again, but couldn’t. I am dealing with some personal issues and thought it would be best to pass on this today. The movie does make you think about what love is and what people will do to themselves or let others do to them to feel loved. I am overweight; have been all my life. I could see myself falling for a Michael and that is a bit frightening to me. When you are overweight, the world looks at you like you are a leper sometimes. Then there are the nice men who don’t care how heavy you are, and you either aren’t attracted to them or you don’t trust that they won’t want to change you. See, I said I have issues.
    Phillip was the worst of the two IMO. His relationship with his wife, (I’m sorry can’t remember if they were married) was a complete cluster f*ck. Her need to have him “love” her anyway possible was a bit disturbing. Again, I didn’t rewatch, so if I am off base, let me know.
    The ick factor was a tough thing for me to stomach, I even turned the sound down a couple times to reduce the attack on my squeamish senses. Then of course I missed possibly crucial dialog and had to decide whether to rewind or not.
    Alex was incredible and convincing. Who wouldn’t want Alex naked on top of you with chocolate sauce drenched over him? And, I would never pass up mentally devouring Alex’s delicious naked body for a stack of cheeseburgers and fries. I mean, seriously, even if I had seen him naked a thousand times…I would still desire his body more than any food.
    Like I said, it scares me to think how easily someone needing to be “loved” can get wrapped up in a toxic relationship. I have been in relationships where the man says he’s okay with my weight, but is constantly hinting to you about it. Then there is the man who wants you to stay fat and unhappy and squashes your self esteem so you don’t believe you can achieve your goals. Which is worse? Would I be able to get away from someone like Michael? I would hope so. Were Lucy and Deirdre both extremely heavy and immobile when they met him? Could they have gotten away before they became immobile?
    Wow, I have really rattled on, hope I didn’t get too far off topic. The end made me so sick and I was mad at myself for feeling sorry for Michael. I personally thought Phillip was the more messed up of the two, but maybe I was biased because it wasn’t Alex’s character. Although, Alex becomes his characters and I often find I forget its him. Like in Criminal Minds. I guess I feel “the way I feel ” about the movie, but I know one thing for sure. Alex was the shining star in this film and I hope he gets to do more deep character parts again, soon.

    • No problem, babe. I wouldn’t want you or anyone to watch anything that you’re not comfortable with. There is no fun or respect in that.

      “The movie does make you think about what love is and what people will do to themselves or let others do to them to feel loved.” – and what is considered normal and acceptable in doing so. How should people be judged outside those boundaries?

      “and you either aren’t attracted to them or you don’t trust that they won’t want to change you” – I think that may be a universal fear though I agree more for some maybe than others.

      “Were Lucy and Deirdre both extremely heavy and immobile when they met him? Could they have gotten away before they became immobile?” – I am betting they were heavy but not immobile yet. He would have to get them to the house first because those were his houses not theirs. I wonder how fast he was able to get them immobile and dependent?

  13. Also, thank you ESS for your awesome review! I must admit I did enjoy the nekkid bits. 😉 Can barely look at the last pic of Alex as Michael without my heart and stomach retching. 😦

  14. Amazing review, ESS. I have to admit when I first watched this movie a few years ago, I had a very hard time getting through it. I stopped and started many times. Eventually I was able to get through the entire thing, and now I can watch it without any hesitation–except…that last part where Michael is wasting away. By this point, even though he did some effed up stuff, I felt for him and couldn’t see him like that. I only watched that one time. Since then, I stop watching after the gunshots so I don’t have to see him.

    I never would have watched this if not for Alex–same as most of us–but I’m so glad I did because it does show how awesome he is as an actor. I agree with everyone who said they’d love to see him in another deep role. Hopefully one day. I still love to watch this just because of his acting, and I would even without his hot nakedness. 😉

      • No, you can keep your McPerv card. Even if we would watch it without his hot nakedness, we surely prefer it with it. 😉 And come on; that beautiful, tight ass is burned into our minds forever, thank goodness! I remember one interview he did around Moonlight time saying he didn’t understand how people knew he had a nice ass. Yeah, right… (I think it was the “hips up” interview.)

  15. Everyone, Looooooving the comments so far! I’m going to take a break from replying for a bit in case someone else wants to make some responses. I don’t want to hog all the comments. 🙂 I’ll be back later though to make more. Such thought provoking and honest comments….you all never cease to amaze me. *love*

  16. Awesome review!! It’s hard t get people who are not inclined to watch Feed to understand just what they are missing by not watching. Alex’s performance is phenomenal in Feed! I also love the speech he gives to the cop. Just his way of speaking.
    Thanks ESS!!

  17. Great review Ess, I must confess that I still have not seen this movie, but after all the posts I think that I’m going to see te tonight specially because of yr review and of course because of Alex. Hugs from Portugal.

  18. One thing I really wish for, is that I could have seen this movie before I fell so hard for Alex. I think it clouds ones judgement in some regards. (but then again, I would most probably never have watched the movie if he wasn’t in it, let alone buy it before I ever saw it)
    Some of it is just superb acting, but some parts are a bit forced to me.
    Everybody’s favourite scene on the lawn, was one of them for me. The choreography of it was not natural for me. In contrast to it, the final confrontation was extremely well done!!
    Many flaws in this movie, but for me worth the watch (many times) Extremely complex and thought provoking.
    Good to see everybody’s thought on it.
    Thank for doing it, ESS.

    • Some of the scenes were a bit *bullsh/t* to me too. While I loved the scene on the front lawn (for me it just truly showed what a psychopath Michael was – that he could be in such control and speak so deeply on the subject) – I think that the scene where Phillip stops the sister on the street and talks to her was horrible – to me it seemed like they just couldn’t figure out how in the hell were they going to wrap up the movie in the alotted time, so “hey, let’s just have the ‘protagonist’ talk to someone and she tells him all about how to find the ‘antagonist'” I was literally rolling my eyes at the screen. It was just too easy, after all of the cat-and-mouse that had been played up to that point I thought it was an easy out.

      • Agreed! And she spills her guts to a total stronger cuz she’s overweight and starved for male attention? Really? Plus I hated the ending.

  19. I just want to say THANK YOU to all you lovely people!! I think this is the smartest and most insightful conversation I’ve ever read anywhere about this movie. I think this type of conversation is exactly what they hoped would be sparked by the movie.

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