You know you want more #alexoloughlin in Navy Dress Blues #KimmyKaaihue

Can’t find an original posting link but pic credit to Kimmy Ka’aihue of the Hawaii Actors Network. *lovely*



Thanks to my girl S!zZ for the heads up to me and BookEmDanno and Addicted to AOL for posting to Facebook. ❀

20 thoughts on “You know you want more #alexoloughlin in Navy Dress Blues #KimmyKaaihue

  1. I Like???? I LOVE!!!! What? That UNIFORM!!! Mahalo ESS!!!! I’m jumpin up and down. In my mind. Can’t really jump up and down. 😦 I’m such a girlie and sooo cliche when it comes to that Uniform. IDC bout other uniforms. Police? No. Marines? No. Army? No. That Navy Dress Blues??? Fucking hell YES!!!! I’m sorry… *blush*

  2. Mmmm…more of the uniform. I love that we get to see his legs and bare hands. *drooling* To echo s!zZ “Fucking hell Yes!” Navy Dress Blues FTW !

  3. OMG YES Commander McSexy, Can NEVER get enough of him in Dress Blues{Love the Marine Corps Dress blues as well} Sorry girls, just sayin. my gorgeous son was one.

  4. Gosh I hope NotMcG is working nights when this episode airs because there will be a lot of uncontrollable SQUEEING going on!!! And since he’s alreay in bed, I might as well get started now….SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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