BTS pics #H50 3.21 #alexoloughlin #aishatyler

Some cool new shots from guest stars and guests to the set today. If more get released (please oh please), I’ll get ’em up for y’all.

From Aisha Tyler’s (The View) twitter

Alex, just stop it with your face! Someone make him stop! (No don’t)

This one from Tannya Boyd Joakin’s (hawaii news now) Facebook


19 thoughts on “BTS pics #H50 3.21 #alexoloughlin #aishatyler

  1. Is Alex wearing a toupee? His hair looks odd. Maybe because he had the buzz cut for 320 he has to wear something extra LOL I already thought yesterday with that dress blue pic with cap on, that the hair doesnΒ΄t look his normal do on the sides? πŸ™‚

  2. Looks like his own hair to me. There is a pic with Aidan James on Wednesday night and Alex’s hair has started to grow. Once again such an adorable man as I fall off my chair…….

  3. I didn’t even notice his hair. His grin looks a bit mischievous πŸ˜‰ Maybe it’s just my naughtiness seeing things. Nekkid trigger finger not helping… TPD..S&T πŸ˜›

    • I’m with you lurxgirl…hair? what hair? I can’t get past that face…THAT.FAAAAACE!! Looking at that little grin of his makes me smile like a stupid fool!!

      Speaking of stupid…what the heck does S&T stand for? (Apparantly looking at him makes me forget things…lots of things!!)

  4. it looks like his real hair… well, he did once say he can grow Mick’s hair anytime, so I guess his hair grows fast after being cut off…

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