White Hot Wednesday #alexoloughlin {{fingertwitch}}


Screencap credit to @rocsfan ❤


10 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #alexoloughlin {{fingertwitch}}

  1. Taking my traditional moment of silence to pay homage to dear darling Dr. A. *Sigh* Wish there was some way to have him come back to us, just a little. Put him as a guest star on NCIS and let him give Tony a brain transplant. Something. 😉

    • yes! I could do with just another little bit of Andy.
      Oh who am I kidding? I’m TOTALLY greedy when it comes to Dr. Andy! A little just wouldn’t be enough. 😦

  2. Quick, I need a doctor!! Every time I see a picture of Alex my blood pressure soars! If only my doctor looked this good…. Sigh…

    • Last year when i had my surgery, my surgeon didn’t look like this but he had Andy’s bedside manner. I can’t tell you how comforting it was. I had to tell myself not to call him “hot Dr. Andy” when I was drugged up though. 😉 #embarrassing

  3. Dr Andy looks like he had a rough night. Maybe it’s the lighting or the five o’clock shadow?? He looks like he could use a nap. My bed is very comfy 😉 *pats mattress* Come rest your pretty head on my pillows 😛

    ESS, do you only have an aversion to blue on Steve?

    • Mostly. 😉 Because Steve has so many other options and we’ve seen them before! They took them away from us. Also, with all the lovely shades of blue they insist on mostly keeping him in the shades which are the least flattering on him IMO.

      Dr. Andy does wear a lot of blue. 😦 But he also has to wear blue scrubs and the white jacket almost all the time so I’m used to him wearing the same thing over and over. Plus it’s a done deal…complaining here won’t get us anywhere. lol.

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