PLenkov tweets another pic from prequel #alexoloughlin #alanritchson

Seriously…this episode is going to be the King of episodes.

It’s going to be all downhill from here. lol.

SEAL Training Plenkov twitter

17 thoughts on “PLenkov tweets another pic from prequel #alexoloughlin #alanritchson

  1. Buzz cut!! This episode is going to have a tough time living up to my expectations. I mean I am sure it will but I have set the bar very high. 🙂

  2. So remember in S1, when McG was saving the tourists on the Missouri, and he told that story about Joe White hazing a group of errant SEALs by making em tread cold water for, like, forever? I am wondering if this is THAT scene. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

    • Really on the S1 during that particular episode Steve said that about Joe? U have good memory as I dont remember Steve mention the name Joe there. I guess I will have to go back and watch the episode again

      • GREAT excuse to go rewatch! He told the story while fixing up the hostage that the psychoSEAL had hit upside the head. He was trying to bond with psychoSEAL. And hells yeah I remember! Alex was the focal point of the scene! 😉

  3. I can’t stop looking at his neck and the wet clingy t shirt against his massive pecs and shoulders…good lord…and that buzz cut. Makes me want to rub his head. 😉 I hope we aren’t let down after all this teasing. But, if they choose to have 45 minutes of BAMF Steve wet in camo, Steve in dress blues , Steve in skivvies, maybe a 3 minute Navy shower scene…OMG that would be the best 3 mins. on TV ever!!.. , I will be okay with that. I may not be able to watch this episode with my kids. I’m afraid I might make obscene noises. 😛

      • I am currently unemployed 🙂 What a dream it would be to work next to Alex and make money doing it. I think I could give the make up department a few pointers and would thoroughly enjoy testing new colors of tattoo coverup on him. He would def. be shirtless more often if I were in charge. 😉 and I would #FREETHEGECKO

  4. Ohh this episode is going to rock for sure I hope it lives up to the high expectations we all have. I just read some spoilers on this particular episode. If anyone want to know I share it with u here, but let me know ok?

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