It’s an H50BAMF celebration! #alexoloughlin #H50

Big week for H50BAMF!

2000 followers on the blog page and 1000 followers on twitter!

Mahalo nui loa!!


Don’t forget we’re also on Pinterest and Facebook.

Major big thanks to my co-editing team that has helped me keep this place up and running:

@kimphin1 (aka kimmerNY), @steph_jane2 (aka SJ2 Junk Kicker at H50junkdrawer) and @itissabrina!

Also a big thanks to YOU, all my friends here who visit and comment and share the H50BAMF love!



64 thoughts on “It’s an H50BAMF celebration! #alexoloughlin #H50

  1. and, thank you enormously for your creations…most days, they take my breath away, and other times, move me to tears!!! You are the best 🙂

  2. Congrats Ess! its been fun being a part of H50BAMF these past months! 2000 followers! wow…and, Hi everyone!

  3. Congrats! So much pretty, funny, lust and most of all, love, for our beautiful Alex here!! Thank you for sharing Alex with all of us 🙂

  4. Well-deserved success, ladies. And ESS, you set the perfect tone to inform, celebrate, crush-on, and respect our leading man.

    • Thank YOU! You’ve been a big help to me getting around Facebook!! Appreciate all your help and support! Also your pics are pretty amazing as well! If y’all have Facebook, you should follow my girl here at “Alex O’Loughlin Journal” ! You won’t be sorry!

  5. Congrats ladies! My feelings on your work are well known and I’m glad there are so many wise, like minded people loving your work! Xx

  6. Congrats to all of you. This place should be required reading (watching, perving) for all true Alex fans!

  7. Congrats and thank you ladies for your hard work. I look forward to this email every day! You never fail to make me smile!

  8. Congratulations – what an achievement! And thanks for having to look at all the ugly, hour after hour, day after day, just so you can show the rest of the world how ugly he is! 😄 Your strength is amazing. I feel like I should volunteer to take some of the burden…..

    • NOOOOOoooo don’t make me look!! <<—-said no one ever while looking at an Alex O'Loughlin pic. 🙂

      Thanks Westy!! ❤ you!

      I hope you all follow my friend Westy's blog The Champ Box! You can find the link in the right side column on the main page.

      • Congratulations Ess and the team on this awesome achievement. Thanks also for the shout out to The Champ Box. There’s so much amazing creativity, love and laughter in this little part of the fandom and I really appreciate being part of it. Onwards and upwards :).

  9. CONGRATULATIONS TO ESS AND THE GANG! (Which is my new favourite disco band, btw)
    *air hearts*

  10. everything you do or post here & on FB page makes me happy & smile Ess, love everything Alex Oloughlin & Hawaii five-0, that man made us so close & happy to know each other 🙂 love him to piecess that sweet,cute, gorgeous, sexy & HOT BAMF 🙂 & love all my 5ohana 🙂
    mahalo nui loa for your efforts darling & more success ahead…FIGHTING FIGHTING FIGHTING!!! 😀

    • So many #AWKWARDCHICKFLICKMOMENTS!!! I love them all!! You can never have too many, yeah??

      Thanks, Kari babe!! I hope all my lovely peeps here also follow your “Kari Oloughlin” Facebook page for lovely photos and news!

  11. Dear Friends, if you have an H50 or Alex blog/tumblr/website or facebook page I think I have added you all to my list of friends on the main page. If you are not there, please let me know!

  12. 2000 followers!!! So awesome! A tribute to your work! And to keeping it so friendly, you know I’m a fan of that. Newcomers always welcome.

  13. That’s AWESOME!! And so completely deserved. You ladies *cough* are the BEEZNEEZ! Love you all!

  14. Congratulations hon. It’s really an auspicious occasion. It’s champagne nite, Friday nite so I will definitely be raising a glass and toasting your awesome work.

  15. Congratulations Ess and the whole team for their achievements. It’s proof that your dedication to this blog deserves our support. Thanks for this picture because it’s new for me.

  16. WOW… so many nice comments. I think I can´t add anything. Mahalo Nui Loa ESS!!! For everything. And a big thank you to your Team 😉 I enjoy every post. And of course, I´m following your Team ESS, as long as they let me 😉 You know: Ready to lead, ready to follow, never quit. HOOYAH!!! xoxoxo

      • Aaaaaawwwww….mahalo ESS!!! *HUGZ* There are too many H50 blogs… But one of my Twitter H50hana told me: There are sooo many blogs, but you have the quotes 😉 Very nice to hear some like that. 🙂

  17. Congratulations!!! Nice job and thank you very much for share with us your blog! A lot of kissesss for you and your team!

  18. *throws confetti* *raises glass* Congratulations ESS to you and your team!! You ladies are some of the most talented, smart and witty woman I’ve had the priviledge of ‘meeting’ in this crazy and wonderful AOL fandom!!! I LOVE visiting your blog… it never fails to entertain me and more often than not thrills me…this^^^ pic is no exception…or should I say, this^^^^ pic is EXCEPTIONAL!!!

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