More McG uniform hotness – #alexoloughlin Also a **spoiler**

Thanks to Linda Rosey Instagram and @heyD50 for the heads up!

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Ok, I need to stop staring at this and hit send…. lol

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Above pic from DDK’s twitter added in. Both pics released 3/5/13

27 thoughts on “More McG uniform hotness – #alexoloughlin Also a **spoiler**

  1. Awe – man! Was just considering bed – how in the name of all that’s O’lough am I supposed to sleep now! #sleepisoverrated

  2. I was just about to go to bed and came here for a last look. Now I’m wide awake. Love a man in uniform!!

  3. He looks so yummy in this uniform And so young here (how do they do that?). But is he clapping? At a cemetary??

  4. Ess you know is that from episode 3.20? While waiting for the reply i’m still staring ……………………..

    • Not sure if this is still 3.20 or possible 3.21. Seems like they would have been shooting 3.21 starting this week but who knows, sometimes scenes are shot out of episode sequence due to scheduling, etc. It would be cool if it was 3.21 because then we’d have some official Navy SEAL stuff in 2 episodes. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Those are really big gloves 😉 He is jaw dropping delicious in that uniform!! My mouth is finally shut after several minutes of taking in all of his hottness. 😛 That came out wrong…oh my..I need to quit while I’m… *naughty* *slurp*

  6. Can’t wait to go to sleep so I can dream sweet, sexy, hot Lt. Cmdr, Steve “McHottie” McGarrett dreams! Good night all!

  7. Can anybody tell me if Steve is a pilot, or why is he wearing a SEAL and Pilot pin? When did he become a pilot? I’m positive he knows how to fly a helicopter (we’ve seen him 😉 ) did he learn it at the seal-training? Thanks!

  8. He sure looks yummy delicious handsome sexy in that Naval formal uniform. I have a doubt though is that partiuclar photo from ep 3.20 or that photo here is from the pilot? Remember that in the pilot he just burried his dad and he was in the cemetery, so Im not sure that pic here is from the prequel episode 3.20 but Im pointing more as it is from the pilot episode. aAnyone can confirm? Also Alex look thin from the face in this pic and he has not look thin in the facen in recent pics..

    • Hi Nikki, the girl who posted this originally to instagram said her husband took it yesterday. He was part of filming. There is also a pic of DDK and Michelle at the cemetary and Michelle is in uniform that was just posted yesterday. I meant to include that pic in my post but was so excited, I think I got sidetracked. lol! I’ll add it in a second so scroll back up to the top and look.

      What we’re not sure about is if this is a flashback to his dad’s funeral from the pilot (but filmed yesterday) or if it’s for his friend’s funeral. Spoilers say his BFF is supposed to die.

  9. Thank You!!! Make me feel much better! 🙂 btw, I could have told you bout the Naval Parachutist thing too :p Those pics stopped my headache for a few seconds…but not my high temperature… XOXO

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