Moonlight Monday – #alexoloughlin

Fullscreen capture 7182012 81810 PM


12 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday – #alexoloughlin

  1. He is insanely BEAUTIFUL in this pic…with those ought-to-be-illegal eyelashes and that SEXY noise, mouth, and chin dimple…unnnff!

  2. If he looked at me like that, I would have gone all “50 SOG” on him in that elevator. Their chemistry was incredibly hot and I love how Coraline had such control over Mick’s every emotion. The shower scene..wet hair…open shirt…smoldering hot…then, DAMM YOU BETH!! Of course I can’t forget his LONG, STRONG, PHALLIC NOSE…oh my…*quiver* and lickable lips. They look so soft in this pic in contrast to his dry cracked lips when he vamps.

  3. I so loved Alex as Mick. He was so hot! Thank you for the picture! You are so good at finding the really great photos of him.
    Sweet dreams!

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