Just another awesome fan encounter with #alexoloughlin on night shoot of H50 3.20

LOVE all these bts pics coming out from filming. ❤

Keesha (.@kmulac) shared these with the fans on her Instagram overnight.

If you can get past the pecs, note the new buzz cut.  Unnnfff.

2013 March 1 kmulac IG

2013 March 1 kmulac IG2

Keesha’s comment: “Yes he was so handsome!!! And really nice, the first time we asked for a pic with him he was really busy and told us later he would. A part of me didn’t believe him and I thought he was blowing us off. But sure enough he came back to where we were and took pictures with us! It was so fun to see the filming process. The crew was very nice to the bystanders and fans as well. Telling us we were more than welcome to come closer and that we could help ourselves to refreshments and hot coffee. Lol”

18 thoughts on “Just another awesome fan encounter with #alexoloughlin on night shoot of H50 3.20

  1. LOL I had to get past the camo first, then the pecs, then the smile and then finally I noticed the buzz cut 🙂
    I like it, it’s not too short and it suits Alex.
    Once again after a long night shooting he finds the time to take pics with fans and fulfill a promise that many would have just forgotten or ignored.
    Is it possible that every time I love him more?
    Yes it is

  2. Can’t believe I noticed the buzz cut before those fantastic pecs. I would have a smile on my face like that too if my tongue was that close to his chest. 😉 I have been wondering what they were going to do with his hair, because in the first BTS shots it is way too long for active Navy. Maybe the first shots are from the present and he has a flashback? Anyway, he is too freaking adorable for words and I hope he is still as sweet to his fans when I finally make it to Hawaii.

    • I was wondering if he would sport a buzz cut for his early training days (BUD/s) and I was excited to see it! Active Navy have to maintain certain standards when it comes to hair etc, but SEALs and other special forces people do not because of the nature of their assignments. I wonder if there will be any comments during 3.21 about the short hair? 🙂

      Those pecs! asaksaskaks!

        • I’m sure it will make for great Steve/Danno banter. 🙂 If the writers put his comment about his chipped tooth in last year, they would be remiss to not talk about the buzz cut. IMO. Maybe Cath and he can continue their fox hole fantasy in 3.21 😉 A girl can dream, can’t she? Minus the Doris c*ck block of course.

  3. When I first saw these pics I wondered about his hair! LOL! The pecs are working for sure!! 😉

  4. Another little story that proves he’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. FLR.

  5. He looks wonderful and handsome as always and those girls are really lucky lucky girls. I wonder when it will be my turn, heheh!!! I think if that ever happened, although that wotn never happen, I wont be able to resist so kmuch hotness in one guy and I be passing out just being next to him, LOL!!!!

    Just one side note: I dont like the buzz cut on his hair. I like him with a bit more hair, always short of course but not that super short short, but I know it will grow back and also I believe that cut was made for that particular episode; 3.20

    • Nikiki, the buzz isn’t my favorite for sure but it’s Alex so I just can’t hate it. lol. My favorite is the longer hair like Stan. *sigh* I miss that hair.

      I hope your turn is soon! 🙂 And if so, pls share pics!!

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