#AlexOLoughlin bts 3.20 pics shared by PLenkov – The BAMF has returned

Peter has shared a few BTS pics of 3.20 with us this morning. Seems that for those of us missing BAMF McG this year, our wishes may be coming true.

Also great feedback from the crew regarding the episode. Saying it will be a game changer and the best episode yet. Hmmmm we’ll see…but so far looking good!

Personally, this is what drew me to the show anyway so to see it return is double thrilling for me.




35 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin bts 3.20 pics shared by PLenkov – The BAMF has returned

  1. We all have high expectations about this episode. We love the BAMF McGarrett and it was the first thing that we apreciate in his role. I know that you told me a couple days ago that good things come to those who wait but i must confess that i’ve never been so excited for an episode like this one. So thank you for posting these pictures for us the no twitter fans/friends.

  2. I’m told I made a strange noise when I looked at this, had to lie when asked why… didn’t think lust was appropriate for the work place! Note to self – mustn’t look at H50BAMF at work! (Never gonna happen, sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through!!)

    • was it like someone kicker you in the stomach? like “ughhhhhhhhhh” and you let out a long breath?

  3. Right there w/you Fi!! All I can say is eeeekkkkk, love that fingerless glove! Sigh and Thud and Drool…..

    • Hi Kristne! *waves* Yes, the back story is going to be exciting!! I’m interested to see how they work it in story wise. Like, WHY are we having the prequel? The fact that we’re getting it is exciting in itself and I will never say no to a SEAL McG story! But I hope they make the WHY just as satisfying.

  4. For me, this is what drew me to the show too. So I have high expectations. What the hell! since the end of Lost, I never had such high expectations for an episode!

  5. OH.MY.GOD… FK OFF!! That’s exactly what I said when I saw these pics…thank goodness no one was in earshot!!! SBJ&TO!! I don’t think I can survive the wait let alone watching this ep!!! HELP.ME.

  6. I truly am having a fox hole fantasy right now 😛 The cammo, thigh holster, fingerless gloves and those boots. Those are KSA BAMF boots!! As much as I’d love to see him get out of these clothes, I think it would be frickin hot watching him put all this “gettup” on. I mean it would take minutes to tie up those boots properly…lol..I said “tie up”. 🙂 That of course would require him to be nekkid to start with…clever aren’t I ? 😉 McG in just those boots and Navy issued skivvies just might be the death of me. Not a terrible way to go.

  7. I truly love Five-0. BUT I totally adore SEAL Steve. He is the best part of the show. And I patiently waited for him to come back, and now it finally happens. I couldn’t be more excited about this episode. Really, I can’t wait.

    I’m just wondering why we’re getting to see this? You know, like who is remembering this and why. But I’m pretty sure I will be satisfied with whatever they came up with as long as I get to see my SEAL. I mean Steve in SEAL mode. 🙂 Unfortunately he is not really mine. Darn.

  8. *thud* ok, breathe in…breathe out… OMcG!!!! I know, I´ve said before that I wanna see a lot of pics before we can see this episode. But I think I´m gonna die… SEAL McG!!! *sigh* I am in love. Yes. I AM. Did I say OMcG?? Relax…smooth baby 😉 ESS, you´re killin me 😉 But in a very nice way!!! xoxoxo

    • I’m going to make the same suggestion to you that I made to someone else earlier today. when it’s time for you to watch this, go to the nearest Emergency Room and ask if you can watch it there….to minimize your recovery time.

  9. Much prefer the badass “awkward around people” Steve who charges around doing what he feels is right. Love the photos too, so thanks.

  10. The boots and camo pants remind me of August Rush.
    Why does that trigger finger do things for me?

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