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Hi all, you may have seen Vivienne’s experience shared on our friends Hawaii Five-0 Australia FB page or her own at Friday Blair Facebook. She has kindly given the story to us to share also.

Below is her story in her own words:


I would like to share with you a portion of the letter I sent Alex prior to our trip. For James it was more than just getting an autograph from a famous actor.

Hi Alex,
You probably don’t remember me, I flew from Melbourne, Australia to Hawaii to be apart of the SOTB12 celebrations. On the 11th of September 2012, I personally met you with a group of friends from LLOL, at a shooting location for episode 7. You were so gracious to spend time with us having photos taken and signing autographs. I was amazed with how coherent I was. Totally awestruck and mesmerised, I managed to say ‘ you have inspired my son, to which you replied, to be an actor? I said no, a pilot. You then replied ‘really?!!
I have read to James many of your interviews. James has gone through trials and tribulations at school and several times along the way has lost his desire to believe in himself. He began to under estimate his ability and wallow in defeat. Your words of wisdom have ignited a spark in James. He pulled himself out of the doldrums and gave him the incentive to continue his dream. At school James was asked who he admires and aspires to. James wrote ‘Alex O’loughlin’. He went on to write, ‘because of his tenacity to succeed and his strong work ethic’. James believes its 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration in achieving your goals. James loves the gag reels and thinks you are a wonderful and talented actor.

Each year we fly to Hawaii. It would be wonderful if James was able to meet you briefly, even for 5 min at the end of your shooting day. Even if this doesn’t come to fruition, I sincerely want to thank and let you know you have made a profound impact on one young boys attitude to life.”

On the filming day this is what happened

“Hey everyone, today the 17th of January was an amazing day. My son James, Margaret, Pamela and myself were selected to be ‘back ground extras’ on episode 16 of Hawaii Five 0. We spent the morning sitting on the beach in front of the Hawaiian Hilton, casually walking to the water, splashing around and making conversation as they filmed. It was really exciting. There were many retakes of the same scene. In the afternoon James met Alex and had his photo taken with him. James said it was awesome!!

He introduced himself as Val, a best friend of Alex and cast member/ director? and was more than happy to oblige James in meeting Alex. He explained to us that Alex was unwell and wouldn’t be seeing anyone. Val said if we were happy to wait at the end of this shoot he would organise this for James only.

Alex spoke to James for about 5 min and asked him where he was from. James replied Melbourne, Australia. Then was asked where in Melbourne and James replied Glen Iris. Alex said ‘ I know, great!’ James said that he was out here with his mum. ( I was jumping up and down hysterically in the distance!) Alex asked if he was going to have a surf lesson. James replied ‘yes’ and Alex said ‘excellent!’. They spoke a little more and then Val took the photo. James shook Alex’s hand and thanked him. Before going separate ways James said he really liked Hawaii 50, thought he was a great actor and was so happy to meet him. Alex was then escorted to the van”


Below are a few more pics Vivienne shared with us from bts filming on location.

Thank you, Vivienne for sharing your day with us. Best wishes for you and James. ❤

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21 thoughts on “Fan Encounter – meeting #AlexOLoughlin #VivienneBlaher

  1. Reading this has just increased my overwhelming love and adoration for Alex! What a sweet and wonderful gesture to take the time to meet the young man Alex inspired through his own trials and tribulations. Good Luck James – may you fulfill your dreams and always soar to great heights! Thank you Alex for being such a kind, generous and considerate man!

  2. What a wonderful story – and an unforgettable experience for James!!! I love that not only Alex, but many other crew members took the time to do this for someone. Thanks to Vivienne for sharing!

  3. Vivienne is a dear friend of mine and i can assure you that this couldn’t have happened to a better person 🙂
    She is a devoted fan and a caring, lovely woman and James is a very handsome, smart boy.
    I’m so proud of Alex for making them happy

  4. Manu is right! Vivienne is like a sister to me and she loves Alex!! Not that we all don’t but, he’s magical to her. She and her son James had a great time. And how gorgeous is her son?! We’re all so lucky she was generous enough to share her experience with us!! Thanks again Sis! 😀

    • Totally Agree!! Vivienne is one of those people that you just love right away. We had SO much fun at SOTB and nded up all over the medai. {We are known as the “Photo Tarts’} I actually want James to marry my beautiful Grandaughter not just because he is gorgeous but that way I’d get Vivienne into my family as well!! LOL

  5. Manu and Vanduyn, next time you see Vivienne, hug her for me! 🙂 And give James a *fist bump*

    It is a very sweet story for sure. Goes to show you never know who you can inspire and to do what. Alex probably never dreamed he would inspire a young man to be a pilot, of all things. But in the end it’s about the person and not necessarily what you do for a living but the way you live your life.

    • Absolutely 🙂
      I agree, probably Alex doesn’t realize half of the impact he has had on our lives!
      that’s one of the many things i love about him, he is still surprised about the fact that so many people love and support him

  6. Thank you all for embracing James’ experience and for taking the time to express your lovely thoughts. I really appreciate this.

    Reading Alex’s plight at school and then having the conviction to transform his life around through passion and dedication really resonated with James. Alex empowered James to believe in himself. Unfortunately last year at primary school was the worst. His teacher didn’t know how to deal with pre adolescent boys and was constantly condescending and rude to the kids. This negatively impacted on James’ enthusiasm to excel at school.
    James sees a strong work ethic and passion as Alex’s strongest attributes. I would love these qualities to be instilled in James at this impressionable age. To inspire a generation of people of all ages is just a testament to the wonderful, generous and magnificent man Alex is.

    • Vivienne – again, thanks for sharing the story – I can only imagine how wonderful you must have felt while this was happening for James.

      That age is so hard for children – caught between being a little one and being an adult – I’m sure that it is heartbreaking for you to see your son struggling. It sounds like he gets a lot of support from his mom! I’m happy that your love of Alex led James to find some inspiration too.

  7. My treasured sistahs, Manu and Vanduyn, I’m blessed that you are in my life. The encouragement and support are truly appreciated. Luv ya guys xxx

  8. ESS, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share my story. I couldn’t agree more with your profound statement. Alex has an allegiance of supporters across the world. There’s no surprise in why.

  9. To my darling Pommienana, I instantly connected with you when we met In September. You were the one who inspired me to write to Alex. With your words of encouragement and support I really believed Alex would take the time to read my letter. Luv you and thanks for being a wonderful friend.

    • Luv you MORE Vivienne. My darling friend ,GREAT MUM and :Naughty Angel” Thank you for saying I was the one who inspired you to write to Alex. Truely HE inspires us all and has given us this incredible and loving Worldwide “OHANA”

  10. If only Alex knew how he has transformed my life and thousands of others. There was a void in my life and even with a successful career and great family, something unequivocally was missing. I believe what Alex has given me, as my wonderful girlfriend, Pommienana has just written is a ‘ loving Worldwide OHANA’. Finally I have a sense of BELONGING. I have a safe and secure place where I can be myself, however incredibly naughty that is and yet not be rediculed or judged. 3 of my closest friends of whom I love and treasure dearly, Manu, VanDuyn and Pommienana are always there for me and each other. It’s a wonderful feeling.

    • I feel exactly the same sister, Alex and our Ohana have filled a void i had in my life and i’m ever so grateful for it 🙂 Now i need to meet THE MAN himself to express my gratitude properly.
      Hey, get your mind out of the gutter you know I mean it in an innocent way LOL

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