More BTS #h50 pics for 3.20 prequel #alexoloughlin #alanritchson

From Michelle Borth’s twitter 2/25/13

2013 Feb 25 MichelleTwitter

From Jeff Cadiente twitter (@airjef) 2/26/13

2013 Feb 26 airjef twitter

From Vince Shin’s Facebook 3/26/13

2013 Feb 26 Vince Shin FB

I just want to point out in the middle picture…he’s wearing cammo and a thigh holster.

Yep. Go back and look.

You’re welcome.

Now someone please call 911 for me.

K. thx.

23 thoughts on “More BTS #h50 pics for 3.20 prequel #alexoloughlin #alanritchson

  1. I think we need a countdown to this episode.

    Also, I would try to call 911 for you but I don’t think it would work. 😉

  2. Cammo and thigh holsters…no guns needed…I’m dead!! Well, yes I do need “his guns” and my favorite “never well concealed” weapon 😛 Which brings me to pic 3. I’ll forgive them for cutting off his hand because the aforementioned “weapon” is clearly visible 😉 I love these BTS pics! Thanks for posting!

  3. Just a sober thought. Seeing these pics as to those this time last year. What a strong man Alex is….sorry bringing tears to my eyes

    • Oh, brilliant observation! And yeah, it makes me tear up. He survived and THRIVED!!!! Woot!
      As to the chance of any special posts from ESS, bring it on, Baby! You rock at those!

  4. Nice pics and Alex look handsome as usual but f hey we have to give credit to Alan Richtson he is some handsome good looking man as well.,so that makes 2 handsome good looking guys on that episode. That guy Alan is also a model and he is very attractive.

    • Nikki – have to agree that while there is only one AOL – that guy standing on the right is no scooter – wow – handsome times 2!

  5. HMMOG!!How long do we have to wait !!!!! This will be on par with the pilot I think and Alex is brimming with health and handsomeness. A wonderul post ESS Big MWAH Honey and do you know i like Michelle Borth more and more. That first picture ARRRGH It is just ORGASMIC!!! S&T

  6. Thank you Ess. We are all happy with these pictures but is a “torture” to have to wait until April to see this episode.

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