Topless Tuesday #alexoloughlin #h50


11 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #alexoloughlin #h50

  1. So delightful, the messy hair, Danno! face, glimpse of happy trail, perfect chest, ink…. Unnnfffff…

  2. I love beefy McG in all his beefiness..and I cannot stop from fixating on his tummy wrinkles and how I’d live to try to smooth those out for him 😀

  3. Wet beefy McG on a rope. My warped mind went to soap on a rope. Then to dropping soap in the shower. Then bending over in shower to pick up soap. Then McG in the shower. Then me in shower with McG…..ok…I told mind is warped. 😉 I hope I don’t get shunned from this site 😆

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