Cute BTS from #MichelleBorth twitter #alexoloughlin



29 thoughts on “Cute BTS from #MichelleBorth twitter #alexoloughlin

    • Michelle had an outburst? What happened?
      And I think they are all admiring his hands, that’s what they are doing here. It’s what we’d be doing. 🙂

      • Michelle talked back to someone who tweeted negative stuff about her.

        Outside of that I’d rather not bring that drama here. If you want to know more, drop me an email and I’ll fill you in. Thanks babe.

    • Is that someone trying to do her hair??? Do they get to see the funny too? I mean it’s only fair. 😉

  1. Actually those aren’t even Scott’s hands near Michelle’s head – his hands are folded across her back! Whatever they’re all looking at it’s hilarious! Love this show!

  2. I *LOVE* this photo. I wish there was more of this energy on the show. Just like when Danny was joyously running, and their banter was so light, this is the fun I want them–and by extension, us–to be having. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m with you ESS…there is NOTHING in this pic except HANDS!!!! DAMN his hands are so big and beautiful…just like the rest of him! THUD.

  4. It can´t be a baby pic, why would they looks so amused by something like that. It must be a naughty one. Alex´s face is hilarious, maybe he has tears of laughter even 😀

  5. I think this is while shooting that scene when Cath goes undercover at the RollerDerby at H5O headquarters, that’s why they are laughing genuinely!

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