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  1. OK so last Moonlight Monday I was downloading Moonlight to start watching for the first time. Well I had a couple of days off and pretty much spent them on the sofa snuggled up with Mick (oh how I wish),,,, so I totally get it now! I understand. Thank you Ess, I have watched then all except th last one, delaying the end of it all… Mick never did it for me before, but that has most definitely changed. Xx

        • I never had a vampire phase and I avoided watching Moonlight for so long because I just *knew* i was going to hate it…. So i figure if it turned (heh) me, then it’s going to be a very rare Alex fan that doesn’t end up loving Mick as well.

          • I had a MASSIVE vamp phase, Anne Rice was my idol and I was dangerously close to being a goth (no hate)! Then there was Buffy and Angel, fun vamp phase, but Mick is a whole new world. Thanks again xx

    • This is so great that we have another Mick lover amongst us now! Of course Mick *sucked* you in. (sorry, couldn’t resist) Let me just say, your life will never be the same–and you will be so thankful for it. 🙂

  2. Yes Lorraine, Mick does “suck” you in. 😉 I hesitated to watch it the first time because I saw the pictures of his turning scene with coralline and I hate blood. I bought it anyway and watched it straight through and fell madly in love with Mick! Josef was always trying to temp Mick. Thank goodness he succeeded this time because we got to see Mick’s tongue work it’s magic on her arm. I think I need to watch that scene again soon…S&T 😛

  3. This scene was so incredibly sensual…especially with its implications of a 3some.
    With Josef offering up his gf’s arm and continuing to hold it while Mick licked her blood…the look on Josef’s face when Mick dove in….the way she threw her head back and moaned…and^^^THIS^^^ look from Mick and the way he lifted and rolled his tongue and licked her blood…SO.SO.SO.HOT!!

  4. alex’s true fans loved him as Mick. loved him so much more in his younger days, now hes a little to sure of himself now. just saying…

    • ^^^what she said^^^ WTF? I like Alex’s younger characters, but he’s like a fine wine…only gets better with age 🙂 Sorry for the cliche, but I will love him until he’s old and gray (well..grayer). I would love to have a sip of “his wine” if you know what I mean. 😉 😛 My first BAMF crush was Harrison Ford. Of course he was so hot and sexy when he was young, but I still enjoy his work and consider myself a true fan to this day.

  5. ESS. CG and LG. Thank you for coming to Alex’s defence and I agree with all of you totally This is such an incredibly loving site that I hate to think that we are starting with the “True Fans” deal I have seen it ruin friendships and sites. Just by being Fans we are all truefans I do not think Alex is God or perfect but he is a loving . decent talented actor who loves and is generous with his time to his fans. I have met Alex quite a few times now and i can catergorically tell “everinlust’ that Alex is the same as always kind,humble and grateful for what he has acheived. More confident yes ,that comes with maturity but “A little too sure of Himself”” No way. He is still marvelously “Alex”

  6. In life it is wonderful to see people grow and become more sure of themself. It shows that they are more confident about their own work and abilities.
    Alex, thank you for growing and becoming better at what you do!! I hope there is many more different roles and characters for you to bring to life. You are a rare talent and I hope you get the chance to proof yourself even more…….

    I find that people who get stuck in the past, loose out on the joy’s of the present and the wonderful potential of the furture!!

    • Well said FOYeur!! I think there are still a lot of people who have a difficult time reconciling that Alex is NOT Mick. They can only ever see him as that character. It is definately a testament to how amazing Alex was in that role but people have to move on because Alex has. His future is bright…and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us.

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