Fangirl Sunday – PicSpam #H50 episode 3.17 Pa’ani #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #michelleborth

PicSpam time! I apologize in advance for leading off with an inside joke.  Honestly, I would explain it if I could, but some things are unexplainable and you might not respect me in the morning. (assuming you do now)

You know the drill! Pic Spam Sunday is just me being goofy with some screen caps, they’re usually not plot related and often McG centered. All in good funsies.  Click and scroll!! Feel free to add your own comments to my captions as well as a few “Caption This” for you to try out! (basically they were good caps but I was too lame to think of something funny..)


29 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – PicSpam #H50 episode 3.17 Pa’ani #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #michelleborth

  1. OMG I’m awake when this posted!!! I don’t know if that’s a win or not…
    But I know what IS a WIN…THIS PICSPAM POST!!!
    LMAO so many times!!!

  2. this: Danny, “why does he always have to touch my balls? wait, that came out wrong…” made me laugh so hard I probably have busted a couple ribs, LOL

    Thank you soooo much for this fun picspam *goes off to cry some more with laughter*

  3. Actual tears of laughter! We won’t see this for two months or so, but I’m already in love with this ep! I want McHugs <> thanks for this – awesome as always….

  4. Great Great Great Great Great Great! Love it! And thanks for putting in a few good Danny pics!! *drool* :DD And good job on the GIFs.

  5. Kit-Kats!!!! I love you!!!

    “Oh look, squirrel!”

    “I’m sure they’ll wise up eventually” face!!!

    This has really brightened up my Monday morning 🙂

  6. I know that this episode had all “ingredients” cell to create this picspam but you exceed expectations. You were very inspired when you done it. Have been the green t-shirt? Goofy MgGarrett? And yes we believe that MgHugs are the key for world peace.

  7. Those pics and comments bring out all the best of this ep! I enjoyed it extraordinary! Thank you 😉 And HIM kissing her, so sweet! His FINGERS OMG!

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