Kevlar Saturday – return to the Pilot #alexoloughlin #danieldaekim

Seeing the bts pics of the filming of the pilot has taken me on a trip down memory lane.  How about this, one of our first BAMF kevlar scenes.



15 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday – return to the Pilot #alexoloughlin #danieldaekim

  1. OMG How droolicious is THIS!!East meets West and I’d like to be in the middle of that meeting. Talk about the BEST of both Worlds !!!!
    ESS, I love you girl. S&T

  2. Thank You ESS!!! After watchin 16 episodes of S2 in the last 2 days, this make me wanna watch S1 again. Esp the pilot. And no, I still don´t wanna watch FEED. 😉 I´m in love with McGs interrogation style I hope this isn´t weird…

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