Fabulous Face Friday – #alexoloughlin


McG expresses his approval at me learning to make gifs. 🙂

I also sense a bit of fear…


20 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday – #alexoloughlin

  1. Fear not McG! She’ll only gif your good side, um, sides, well, all your sides. But no worries! They’re all good! Can’t wait to see more of your new gif gift in action, ESS.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I won’t be doing a ton of gif’s, that’s still Paula (neropatti’s) domain, my love is still in regular photos, but sometimes a gif here and there are good for a change up. Now when I want something I don’t have to ask my friends for them I can go do it myself.

  2. I could watch this all day, it’s superb!

    Your ‘stop it with your face’ tag is making me giggle! He can’t stop!!! (I am easily amused.)

  3. Great job ESS! I feel a twinge with every lift of his eyebrow. 😉 Who needs a BOB when I can just stare at this gif all day 😛 and the chin dimple and thick neck…{tongue twitch}

  4. Great job on the gif ESS…it sounds like Paula is a great teacher and you are obviously a great student…hmmm…I wonder if Alex knows that about you girls!!

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