Some new (old) fan pics #H50

This one thanks to _Shantel808_ Instagram

2012 _shantel808_ IG

I had to LOL at a comment on the above acct that said he hardly ever takes pictures with people.  ??? I have about 1000 posts that disagree. lol. Maybe in the context of the time & place on set…but still. lol.

danielsjung IG no date given

Credit to danielsjung Instagram

14 thoughts on “Some new (old) fan pics #H50

  1. “he hardly ever takes pictures with people”. BWAHAHAHAHA
    Maybe they meant without his pants…then yeah, he doesn’t do that hardly enough!!!

    • Hi Titine! Nice to see you here! 🙂

      I think a lot of women love Alex in scruff or a beard. So funny because it’s not really the popular look for men right now but for Alex, it just suits him! I used to HATE facial hair, especially beards on men…but man, i love it during the summer hiatus and he grows his beard out. Rawrrr!! See what you’ve done to me, Alex?? I’m a changed woman!

  2. Ok I seriously have “got it bad” for his hands. I mean..just look at them!!! So many naughty, delicious things I want to do, and be done to me, with those sexy paws. RRAWRR!!! 😀 I typed this a half hour ago and forgot to post…duh!! That’s what Alex does to me 😉

  3. I love visiting your page even if I do not comment much, I do too many mistakes in English.

    I’m like you, I do not like the beard or mustache, but I have to say about Alex is just … perfect.

    Besides, I loved to see in episode 1 in season 2, drooling.

    • Glad you love visiting!! You know, English is my first language and I still make mistakes too. 🙂 If you feel comfortable you are always welcome to comment. There are a few others who struggle with english also, but I think I can speak for most every one when I say we still enjoy reading them and enjoy the interaction. Even with my english speaking friends, I sometimes have to ask them to explain their comments. haha. Or I have to explain mine. No one is expected to be perfect. It’s all for fun here. Nothing but respect. ❤

      OMG…season 2 episode 1 – Steve McGarrett has never looked so good. *wipes drool* I keep hoping that TPTB would get the hint and give us another reason for McG to go without shaving but they haven't quite caught on. Boo.

  4. Hi Titine! I love to see the non english first comments! Instead of the blathering on like I do, I can see you stick with the specific words like *drooling* and *perfect*. Right to the point. As to not taking many pictures, I actually find myself wondering how the man gets anything done for all the stopping and posing he does, and how he manages to look like he is sincerely smiling with every post I’ve ever seen. and by the way, RRAWRR!! indeed!

  5. When I’m not comfortable with my English, I’m going straight to the point so I can confirm that Alex is SEXY in all circumstances or almost (FEED) 😉

  6. They must have been talking about Scott with that comment!! Love his hands too! But then again, there’s not a part of him that I don’t love! Sigh, thud and DROOL!!!!

  7. I though the same when i read the comment, there are so many pics of HIM with costars and fans 🙂

    BTW I’m a big fan of the Alex-scruff too

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