PLenkov tweets 1st look at H50 pilot prequel 3.20 today #SQUEEEEE #alexoloughlin

2013 Feb 21 plenkov twitpic

2013 Feb 21 plenkov twitpic_a

I might actually die of excitement!!

This episode is so going to kick some serious ass!! (which has been sorely missed this year)

A McG centered 3.20 will definitely help make up for a McG-less 2.20!!


29 thoughts on “PLenkov tweets 1st look at H50 pilot prequel 3.20 today #SQUEEEEE #alexoloughlin

  1. Ugh! The Epi That Shall Not Be Named. Still traumatized. But yes! This one will soooo make up for it! πŸ™‚

    • episode 3.19 airs March 18th *I think* (ha…3.19 on 3/18), so this one should air 3/25 hopefully. I hope they don’t take a 3 wk break and them come back for just one new episode. They need a few strong ones in a row to make up for the break IMO.

  2. My heart is almost beating out of my chest just THINKING about this ep…so I’m pretty sure it will EXPLODE when it airs!!!

  3. IΒ΄m not freakin out… *breathe in* IΒ΄m not gonna freak out… *breathe out*…. I wonΒ΄t freak out!!!! Ok, too late!!! I JUST CAN`T WAIT!!!! OMcG!!!! SEALs Action!!!! Did I said OMcG???? IΒ΄m so excited!!!

  4. Love it! Can’t wait! s!zZ love OMcG!!! Perfect description!! A Steve-centric epi!! YES!!! Be still my heart!! Tons of DROOL!

  5. Episode 3×20 supplies checklist:
    Squeegee &/or mop
    Drool bib
    Ice water
    Electric fan
    New panties
    Cushioning or pillows on floor
    Paper bag
    Smelling salts
    Heart monitor

    Based on everyone’s state of excitement and predicted physical manifestations, is there any other stuff we’ll need?

  6. SEAL Steve! SEAL Steve! YEAH!! This will be so great. Pulse is already speeding up. Just looking at all the gear is making me squee in delight. Sigh.

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