White Hot Wednesday – can’t wait to see this twofer again #alexolouglin #danielhenney


FYI – just a heads up, a Three Rivers watch and discussion is in store for all followers of H50BAMF and The Junk Drawer this summer. Hope you’ll get ready, order your DVD’s, get ready to stream it from Netflix, Amazon, wherever and join us!


15 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday – can’t wait to see this twofer again #alexolouglin #danielhenney

  1. Great pic!!! I have to laugh though cuz it looks like DH is glaring at Alex…perhaps he’s thinking “They told me I’d be the pretty one in this series….FU CBS!!”

  2. Two beautifully chiseled faces! I mean look at them…perfect noses, lips, jaw lines and chins. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    Won’t have to twist my arm to rewatch. 😉 My heart still beats harder for Dr Andy. 🙂

    • I thought it looks like Steve too…and for a split second last night I thought it was a pic from an upcoming ep with Steve undercover as a doctor and Michael Noshimori about to attack him. I.WAS.VERY.TIRED.

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