BTS pic of Alex…..being Alex :) #h50 #alexoloughlin

Remember that angelic side he has? This isn’t it….. Heh.

From Nov 23, 2012


From Nov 11, 2011


Pic credits to The Bird Guy Hawaii FB

Thanks to @LaHagela and AlexO’Loughlin Journal (FB) for the finds.


24 thoughts on “BTS pic of Alex…..being Alex :) #h50 #alexoloughlin

  1. The pics are great – but your tags! LOLing so hard at the first one in particular! Thank you – your timing was perfect, totally needed a giggle! Xx

  2. I’m gonna be a lady……because there are just so many cock remarks running threw my head right now……y’all may think I’m some kinda perv.

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