Topless Tuesday #alexoloughlin

Ignoring the scooter on the left (no h8!) can we talk about the perfection that is the O’Loughlin in this pic? The back muscles, the tattoos, the FWA, the fact his pants can’t contain dat ass.



29 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #alexoloughlin

  1. I have SO MUCH LOVE for this shoot! I got sent the magazine from a friend in Aus for Christmas the year it was done, these were the early days of Alexmania for me and I think these pics sealed the deal and ruined me for the rest of mankind!

  2. I would rather have that scooter gone and just have Alex in the pic…this one makes me so sad, the new backtatt almost captured…almost!

    • Agreed Paula, a little photoshopping would work wonders. He is such a beautiful man. I could (and probably will) stare at this pic all day (week, month). Perfection is a perfect word choice, ESS. Thank you.

  3. ACA>> The back muscles, the tattoos, the FWA, the fact his pants can’t contain dat ass.
    Darn you ESS, I am going to get nothing done today. No, really, THANK YOU!!
    He is completely delicious in this photo shoot! His scruff, chiseled jaw, kissable lips and oh my…I could spend the whole day licking and sucking on his scrumptious neck. πŸ˜› His chest hair is perfect to nuzzle my nose in and to tickle my tongue. My hands would be all over those sculpted back muscles and HIS AMAZING ASS!
    ACA LaHagela >> I want to see the FWA in its entirety too! Do you think it covers his beautiful bum? I now feel the NEED to watch FEED πŸ˜›

  4. He looks AMAZING in this pic!!! For those that haven’t studied every square inch of this man…I think at first glace, he could be mistaken for Hugh Jackman…..another gorgeous Aussie! What IS in the water over there?! Whatever it is I want a taste of it…that’s a lie…I just want to lick it off that gorgeous body…every square inch of it!!!!

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