BTS pics from H50 filming today 3.19 #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #danieldaekim #gracepark

Looks like they’re filming out in the open again today so I’ll go ahead and post these for the non-tweeters.  If any more become available, I’ll post those too since the day is still young in HI. 😉

From DDK’s twitter: (Alex, those pants are fitting mighty fine!! mighty.fine.)

2013 Feb 19 DDK twitter w Harimoto


From mrsfullylaced on Instagram

2013 Feb 19 mrsfullylaced IG

2013 Feb 19 mrsfullylaced on IG


7 thoughts on “BTS pics from H50 filming today 3.19 #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #danieldaekim #gracepark

  1. I noticed his “mighty fine fitting pants” right away when I first saw this on FB. 🙂 Thigh holster p0rn!!! We will forgive the blue shirt 😉 Love the Ohana!

  2. D.A.M.N….he looks SO.FKNG.SEXY just standing there…not even trying!!! And those pants…holy moly…perhaps I have to rethink which pair of pants are my favourite!!

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