Tonight on H50 – Pa’ani #alexoloughlin #arianfoster #michelleborth

Photo Feb 17, 10 35 32 PM

Some people are calling this the Pro Bowl episode.

I’m calling it #TeamGreenShirt episode (even though I see they still snuck those same old blue shirts in).


11 thoughts on “Tonight on H50 – Pa’ani #alexoloughlin #arianfoster #michelleborth

    • Me too!! Those 2 blue shirts, especially ^^these^^ are so.fucking.boring by now. I mean seriously. I want to cry or puke. Not sure which one. I just want to burn them they’re so boring. He had more variety in his days on Three Rivers and he wore scrubs half the time.

  1. Do you hear that TPTB? We are getting tired of the blue shirts…and from now on the only way we will be accepting of them is if Cath is ripping them off him…with her teeth!!

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