Any interest in a watch/discussion of FEED? #alexoloughlin #patrickthompson

A few months ago on twitter some friends asked for me to do a discussion of Alex’s movie FEED. Of course with my steel trap memory (HA), I’ve completely forgotten who it was that was interested. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย We talked about doing it during the spring hiatus. I just wanted to see if there was still an interest before I planned it.

If there is, please tweet me or leave me a comment below and I’ll plan if for Sunday, March 10th. That will give us a week before H50 goes back into full swing.


Because of it’s adult nature, this post will be marked “For *mature* audiences only.”

However, it is a brilliantly acted movie and very thought provoking, even if a bit provocative and controversial. ย It will definitely be out of the norm for a watch & discussion but one that I think will be very entertaining if people want to watch and contribute.

FEED – 2005

Movie Trailer from

An Interpol cop from Sydney, who has his own demons, pursues a man in the United States who liberates women from the cultural norms of thinness by feeding them to gross weights. He also shows their photographs to Internet subscribers. But what else is he up to? The Aussie suspects murder or worse. The cop, Phillip Jackson, and his mark, Michael Metszencalmpf, are in a game of cat and mouse – but which is the cat? –ย synopsis by J.Hailey


23 thoughts on “Any interest in a watch/discussion of FEED? #alexoloughlin #patrickthompson

  1. I’m in – another AOL work I am curious about but have thus far avoided, the opportunity to discuss here is not one i would pass up.

  2. Just rewatched it two weeks ago. I’ll be out of town that weekend but would look forward to seeing the comments..

  3. I’ve seen it, but it’s been ages and i’m totally up for a rewatch. Your description is great. Some of the acting, including Alex’s , is remarkable. But it also has its very weak points. A good watch and chat choice! I’m in!

    • Agreed. It’s not the *best* movie…but for the subject matter and this being one of Alex’s first roles, I think it’s extremely well done. I don’t know of any movie really that doesn’t have any weak points.

  4. Awesome!! Sounds like there is plenty of interest. I’ll schedule it for March 10th then. Thanks to all that are participating and I still love those of you that decide it’s not ‘your thing’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. You can definitely count me in. I’ve been wanting to rewatch it anyway. I LOVE that movie, but I will admit it took me at least 3 tries before I could watch it the whole way through. I have so much I’d love to discuss about it. I’ve been waiting for something like this. Everyone always seems to steer clear of it–and I understand why–so I’m really excited about this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I will probably be away that weekend but will definitely see comments when I get back. You do fantastic work – always follow you – keep it up ( the work that is ! ) XXX

    • HaHa!! I watched it yesterday to screencap it (ironically the least amount of screencaps I’ve ever done) and there are really only 2 scenes that gross me out. **No spoilers**…. just one at the beginning that didn’t involve Micheal and one near the end of the movie. The rest is all good creepy, psychological sh/t. ๐Ÿ™‚ But then I’m the woman who can hardly wait to see the new “Bates Motel” tv series. HA!

  7. I’ve not seen this before, Ess, and while it’s not something I’d normally watch, count me in. I enjoy the discussions and will be interested to read people’s reactions.

    • Awesome, Andrea!! Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts. The ones who’ve seen it before and the new ones. Just like with Criminal Minds, I’ll be posting some Q’s to spur conversation. I think there is going to be a very wide range of topics and comments for this one. Several people from twitter who don’t normally comment say they are going to participate. I hope they do!

      • That sounds terrific! Always good to read a range of opinions and I agree, this (re)watch should generate quite a few of those. I don’t have a copy obvi so thanks for the advanced warning so I can get mine in time :).

  8. I will be celebrating my son’s Birthday that Sunday. Since he has to be on duty the actual day {March 14} but I will watch FEED on Saturday and will be very happy to join in the comments. if that is ok and not “Cheating” An unusual film with Brilliant acting from Alex.

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