The big finale to “Things that make @glbali happy pt II” for her birthday #alexoloughlin

Last year the tradition started with this: Things that make @glbali happy for her birthday post. This year, if you happened to follow my twitter feed, you’ve seen this year’s posts:

Well, all good things must come to an end….for THIS year!!

We conclude this year’s festivities ย with a little celebration of our favorite BAMF Navy SEAL.

How else would you celebrate your favorite McNerd’s birthday??

Love you!! xxooxxoo


31 thoughts on “The big finale to “Things that make @glbali happy pt II” for her birthday #alexoloughlin

  1. Oooh, first to comment! This is brilliant, Alicia! Love that you’ve used an Acca Dacca song, love the real SEAL footage and LOVE the explosions. Yay for explosions. And you included one of my all time favs, the pawn shop explosion from S1. What an awesome birthday present.

    Happy birthday, Grace xxx

  2. I love this SO FREAKING MUCH y’all! Well you certainly all managed to capture a lot of my loves in there. AC/DC, McBAMF, McUniorm, real life Navy SEALs which is well and truly an obsession of mine. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I am so spoiled and waited all day for this. It lived up to my expectations for sure! Love y’all!

  3. Watching again…

    Use of AC/DC now I’ll think of Alex, you gals….and Alex…and abs.
    Yeah pretty sure I’d fall over and hurt myself at SEAL school so I’ll leave that to the pros
    Love the pilot! Been in love with show ever since.
    Uniform McG always wins.
    What ya doing Steve? Oh nothing. Hanging out on roofs, you? Oh ya know, watching awesome vids made by my friends.
    Woohoo carriers.
    Kaboom! So many explosions.
    Tween sardonic. Do I have to change my name?? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m going to the air show this year. Super excited. This video made me even more excited.


    Love it so much, thanks again girls.<3

  4. Totally amazing way to start the day. Now my adrenaline is going and I have to sit at my desk and be calm. How can I do that after all the testosterone and explosions–and one hot-as-he!! BAMF?

    Happy Birthday!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Happy Birthday Gracie!!

    Love the picspam! Especially the guns and the faaaaaaces! (Wowzers, the guns really are going for it this year *fans self*)

  6. Alicia!! You are getting so damn good at this video making thing! When I have my delusional destination wedding in Hawaii I’m gonna have everyone send you the footage to put it all together!! I feel like we should all reimburse you for that software you bought!!

  7. OMG, wouldn’t play on my phone.. had to work all day before I could see ! WORTH THE WAIT! Happy Happy Birthday Tween_Sardonic!! Perfect song!. Explosions! Seals! Men in Uniform. McG awesomeness

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