Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin

**Knock Knock Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door**

Kinda makes me want to be an Avon Lady or magazine subscription salesperson in Hawaii...

*ding dong* Landshark! CandyGram!! Avon Lady!!!!
Hey – whatever works to get ^^that to answer the door!

22 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin

  1. “Good Morning Sunshine!!Can I interest you in a FREE Sample of one slighty used but still wonderful woman of experience and charm’ on the house of course { OR on the BED the CHAIR, the Table Etc etc}
    S&T S&T S&T!!!!

  2. How y’all keep coming up with even prettier pictures every Friday is one of the great and grand miracles of life, and just a continual miracle of Alex. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You brighten my week.

    • Thankfully there is no shortage!! Well, topless tuesday and thigh holster thursday sometimes gets a little picky…because we need more of those! But fabulous faces??? there are soooooooo many to choose from! 🙂

    • Landshark was a brilliantly simple and hilarious comedy skit on Saturday Night Live during its first season. It was a spoof on the movie Jaws.

      There would be a knock on the door and she’s say “who is it?” And he’d go, “candy gram” or whatever it takes to get someone in NYC to open their front door. Each time he came back with a progressively sillier answer til he finally just says, “Landshark” and she says, “Landshark?? There’s no such thing…” And opens the door and this shark head comes in and eats her.

      Omg I just dated myself so much. I tried to find it on YouTube but its not there. Boo.

      So stupid but so funny!!!

    • Hee! Old, reeeeeeealllllly old, Saturday Night Live routine. Someone would be in their apartment, a knock at the door, “Who is it?” “Land Shark.” “Who?” “Candy Gram!” Then the person would get all excited and open the door for their candy gram. And to the theme song from “Jaws”, a giant shark in a really bad, fake looking shark outfit, would bust through the door and eat the apartment owner. Sounds stupid, but trust me, it’s a very funny routine.

      • Wow…thanks ladies…now I’m doubly informed 😆
        I have to admit I’ve only seen a few episodes of SNL (I know, I know, wtf is the matter with me?!) ..but this does sound familiar. Did the person’s body get half swallowed by the shark? And then the shark would thrash around while it was swallowing the person? If that’s it..that was fkng hilarious!! Thanks for reminding me!!!

  3. LOL! Simple but memorable. A true classic. But what a tragedy it is not on YouTube!
    Hmmmmm… Maybe it WOULD work on Alex……

  4. Lol only we could take a conversation that started with a picture of Alex to a convo about land shark…well done ladies.

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