McRoll makes TelevisionWithoutPity’s “Top 10 TV Couples…” #alexoloughlin #michelleborth #h50

Television Without Pity has named McRoll #3 on the list of “10 TV couples we’d like to hang out with”.

Check out their page and hit that “like” button if you agree.

2013 Feb 11 TelevisionWithoutPity FB


2013 Feb 11 TelevisionWithoutPity FB_1


thanks to @daveleni for the heads up


10 thoughts on “McRoll makes TelevisionWithoutPity’s “Top 10 TV Couples…” #alexoloughlin #michelleborth #h50

  1. I think they are corny steve and cat they put on tight pants on alex has. A sex simble and that’s great then put him in a relationship studpit make up your mind

  2. It probably says a lot about my narrowly focused tv watching when I’ve never seen any of the other shows pictured and don’t even recognize anyone except the people from Big Bang Theory! Maybe because I’m constantly rewatching H50 episodes!

  3. I like that the article says, this isn’t necessarily the best relationships but the ones that seem the coolest. People in perfect relationships make you want to punch them, not hang out with them. LOL! McRoll has their struggles but in the end they are totes a cool pairing. I’d love to hang with them too….hell, I’d like to do more with those 2 but that’s a whole other ballgame….

  4. Yay! Television without Pity – used to read their recaps of 24 and Prison Break. Hilarious. No H50 though????

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