Kawika will return to #H50 #alexoloughlin #kalaalexander

Kala Alexander posted this to his instagram on Monday, stating Kawika would return to H50 soon. They weren’t shooting on Monday so I’m not sure if this is from the set or a personal candid of the two of them but Kala is supposed to film this week. (episode 3.19 I think??)

I’m very excited!! Kala brings a real grounding presence to H50 IMO and I love every single scene he’s in.  From the moment he stood his ground with McG over the Kapu in S1, I knew he was going to be a force to be reckoned with.  To me, it feels like he brings a real breath of authenticity to the show.

If you want to see some amazing surfing pics from a cool and inspirational dude, follow his Twitter or Instagram account, KaladaCaptain. You won’t be disappointed.

2013 Feb 11 KaladaCaptain twit


7 thoughts on “Kawika will return to #H50 #alexoloughlin #kalaalexander

  1. Yes, yes, very cool about Kawika. I like to think these two cool guys are buds now in RL. I don’t wanna be informed if I am wrong. Also, Alex looks fiiiiine in that shirt. 🙂

    • I don’t claim to know for sure, but from the tone of Kala’s tweets about Alex/H50 and the amount of pics that he sends of himself and Alex specifically, I’d say chances are they’re good friends IRL.

      One of my favorite tweets was one he did when 2.21 aired, the episode without Alex. He tweeted to Peter that it was a good episode, but not the same without Alex. I wanted to hug him at that moment for speaking up. I would still hug him. Truth. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info about his Twitter account. I vaguely remember that. Anyone showing respect and regard for our Alex, is the best, in my book !!! And I agree, Alex’s amazing presence was greatly missed.

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