McIndiana Jones pt II #alexoloughlin #larryteng #H50

For the regular followers of the blog, you know of my first big love, Harrison Ford a.k.a Indiana Jones/Han Solo as blogged about HERE in episode 3.07 and HERE on Harrison Ford’s Birthday.

After last nights, thoroughly enjoyable episode, I present one more reason why my dream would be Alex O’Loughlin and Larry Teng to carry on the Indiana Jones tradition.



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Of interesting note: Alex was reportedly sick during filming of this episode. The story goes, Harrison Ford was also sick on this day of filming and the scene actually involved a big fight but he was so sick, he asked ย Spielbergย  something like, “can’t I just whip out my gun and shoot him instead?”

The rest as they say….is history.

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20 thoughts on “McIndiana Jones pt II #alexoloughlin #larryteng #H50

  1. Oh my god!!! I LOVE this… it can’t be a coincidence!! And I LOVE Larry Teng and whoever else is responsible for this scene…I’m still laughing my @ss off over it!!!

  2. OMG! I went crazy last night watching this scene! My kids thought I was nuts. I immediately thought of you, ESS because I think you love Harrison Ford as much as I do. Did Larry direct the episode when he climbed from under the truck with that sexy shredded shirt? Another Indy reference. To see Alex in full Indiana Jones garb…I don’t think my ovaries could take it. I love Alex, but Harrison Ford was my first BAMF obsession!

    • DUH , I was so excited to comment, I didn’t see you already mentioned the 3.07 ep. This is what these two sexy BAMFs do to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Loves it! I had just seen something explaining how the Indiana Jones scene came about. I loved this scene from last night! Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Harrison was the original (to me). He had a huge influence on what I connect with on screen. The type of actor and the type of of roles that appeal to me. Forever indebted to him.

  4. Great post, Ess. I love Harrison Ford too and have always seen Alex an an actor in the same tradition. ACA with lurxgirl’s comment about Harrison as my first BAMF obsession. Alex would be amazing as Indy. Last night’s scene – total shout out to Indy and I loved it!!!!

  5. I know this is not the point of this post but all I have to say is I’m glad they didn’t fight because there was enough of that in this ep. Way to go McG. Although I wouldn’t have minded a bit of McFlex action.

    • I miss seeing McG do more hand to hand combat. There has been a severe lack of ass-smashing done by our hero….but if it’s all to protect Alex, I’m good with it. He’s given us some memorable moments. ๐Ÿ™‚

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