H50 3.16 McRoll – Fantasy Lane *spoiler* #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

SPOILER alert for those outside the USA.

1. I LOVE that Cath didn’t criticize McG….she used it to her advantage. Smart woman.

2. Steve ‘loves the fox hole fantasy’. In other words, they’ve done this before. πŸ™‚

3. The way he practically just tosses Michelle around the couch. *akdja;dfkja;ldkfja;dsf*

4. Yes. This. Every bit. This. {Ass’t Editor Kimmer here – THE.LAST.GIF -> straddling!}

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30 thoughts on “H50 3.16 McRoll – Fantasy Lane *spoiler* #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

  1. His inner thigh when he was straddling her….{tongue twitch} …..I must go to sleep….sweet McG dreams I hope…..*thud*

  2. Millions of women went to bed last night with a FAX hole fantasy……
    Love the way he pushes her down and rolls her over! McRoll…hehehe

  3. We do love that Foxhole Fantasy don’t we? I watched this scene several times in slo-motion ….. wait, what was I saying?!

  4. There was so much to love about this scene. I love how these two just hang out….I love that McG was reading a book (that’s a huge turn on for this McNerd)…I love how he put his hand on her back when he asked her for his canteen…I love their playfulness with each other..I love their faces.THEIR.FAAACCCES…I love how McG manhandles her (asdfghhkaasddfg)…I.LOVE.MCROLL!!

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