Sustainable Coastline Fundraiser pics c/o Honolulu Pulse #alexoloughlin

The first Pics from last night have surfaced.  Pic credit to Joah Buley on Honolulu Pulse event coverage.

Looks like a good time was had by all.

2013 Feb 09 HNL Pulse_SustainableCoastlinesFundraiser_c

2013 Feb 09 HNL Pulse_SustainableCoastlinesFundraiser_b

2013 Feb 09 HNL Pulse_SustainableCoastlinesFundraiser_a

2013 Feb 09 HNL Pulse_SustainableCoastlinesFundraiser

Alex is in the background.

Thanks to @heyD50 for the heads up on the pics!


11 thoughts on “Sustainable Coastline Fundraiser pics c/o Honolulu Pulse #alexoloughlin

  1. Lovely man, lovely cause. 🙂 He is so fricking sexy in jeans and that button down shirt! Wonder what he’s drinking? It would be really hard to be that close to him without touching his @ss. Especially if I’d had a few drinks first. 😛 I hope to have this problem some day 😉

  2. Damn…he looks so fine in those jeans and shirt…love the necklace too (it must be a fav of his..he wears it often). I’m sure they raised a lot of $$$ for this worthy cause. I know if I had been there and he smiled at me like that…I would have emptied my bank account!!!

    • No anknee no pics of her or his family. I believe those pictures were not allowed to be taken. I read on another chat forum from a lady who attended the event and met Alex, She said that ALex was making rounds and taking photos of people, but then this lady said that “they told them” that “they” did not want to take pictures with her own family, out of respect of Alex family. Is odd becaue of both of them are supporters of the cause and at least there could have been one with a caption saying something like Alex and her attending the event or Alex and her supporters of the fundraising a very simple thing even if it was a photo taken by a professional photographer and not paparazzis.

      Indeed Alex looks hot in jeans and casual!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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