Happy Birthday to @westy50h!….It’s Lions and Tigers and Oz, Oh MY!!

Not really, it’s more like…

Roos and Koalas and Alex O’My!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the funniest blogger chicks around!

…click and scroll…


From all your crazy friends: ESS, Alicia, Grace, Steph, Deb, Rainy, Justine, Momo, Kim and Wee Jayne.

42 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to @westy50h!….It’s Lions and Tigers and Oz, Oh MY!!

  1. Hilarious! You must have had so much fun finding the roo pics to go with dat man! And the ending was super πŸ˜€ Happy bday to Westy again!

  2. Somedays I think it would be hysterical to see his face if he only saw what we did with pictures of him to celebrate birthdays and entertain ourselves.
    Happy Birthday Westy!

  3. So brilliantly hysterically awesome!

    The first one and the lounging one are KILLING ME!!!

    And awwww, all the McRoll and McLucy pics *melts*

    Happy Birthday Westy!!

      • The Lucy Roos are ridiculously cute!

        I love the running one as well. And the stealth roos in the tall grass. And all of them.

  4. I’ve finally stopped laughing enough to comment. I’ve been tied up all morning (not literally!) and couldn’t get a moment to look at all my birthday pressies. I should be excited about choosing the finishing touches to my new house, right? But all I could think was ‘hurry the fk up so I can look at them all in peace’.

    This is so brilliant I don’t know where to start! I thought the first pic was going to be my fave until the second pic, and so on throughout the whole thing. I honestly cannot pick a favourite, they are all so bloody hilarious!

    I saw that drop bear when Steph posted it on twitter the other day, but I was on my phone and I thought it was a little, fluffy dog! I’m so glad now because it made the end of this that much more awesome.

    Thank you all sooooooo much. I’m going to have another look now but I know for sure they are ALL my faves! This was such a brilliant idea, kudos to whoever thought of it. ❀

    And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.❀

  5. This is SO AWESOME! I love it when one of us has a birthday.

    Unsurprisingly my favourite one is the one with the footballs. EPIC! So much love for this. Great job, Ess!

  6. They really make them cute Down Under…..
    This is definitely a fitting gift for one of the funniest ladies from Oz!

  7. Fabulous work! This is my fav thing about your work, a birthday for one means a pressie for everyone. Happy Birthday Westy. Off to look again… Xx

  8. ESS, you continue to amaze! Can’t choose my favorite, but love the lounging and sleeping ones for obvious reasons. I love them all! I keep looking at the sunset pic…pure beauty πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks everyone!! I cannot take full credit, it was a group effort of love. πŸ™‚

    I should have said this yesterday, but the roo pic with the beer was my twitter AVI for a long time when I first got online, given to me by none other than…..WESTY!! So our obsession with Roos and AOL go way back. πŸ™‚ I’m so very happy that everyone still enjoyed it even though you may think we are a bit off our rocker now. haha!!

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