New Photos of Alex training with Egan Inoue #AlexOloughlin

Egan Inoue posted these photo’s of his workout with Alex on his facebook page. For those of you who might not know, Egan is a champion raquetball player and MMA fighter who trains Alex and Scott in ju jitsu. He has also appeared on Hawaii Five-0 (he was one of WoFat’s bodyguards in 2.01) and is a good friend of Alex’s (and Scott’s)

And now, because of these pictures, he is my new best friend. ~Kimmer

Alex egan 1

Alex egan 2

From @EganInoue "This is my friend and we trained today too!"

From @EganInoue “This is my friend and we trained today too!”

Thank you to Egan Inoue for posting these photos on his facebook account and twitter!

78 thoughts on “New Photos of Alex training with Egan Inoue #AlexOloughlin

  1. Middle photo – VEIN PORN!!! SIGH!!!
    (what does SBJ&TO mean – I’m afraid I’m not up to speed on Alex lingo, 😦 )

  2. Many thanks to Egan and to you for posting these pics 🙂
    Nice glimpse to pecs and abs in the first one!
    Alex really looks BAMF while training

  3. Ok, how can a woman handle all that hotness in the morning. That A$$ sitting on top those feet and chest hair. Baby looks like he has a brace on his right foot, that gorgeous long beautiful foot. I volunteer to kiss and massage all the hurt away. 😉

  4. glad to hear the brace is just preventative! Thanks for the great new pictures and to your new best friend Mahalo!

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! Every inch of his body is sexy!! His feet are yummy aren’t they? {tongue twitch } Admit it ladies, I know several of you would love to make a meal out of those toes 😉 What’s for dessert? 😛 Egan, you are my second favorite person today. THANK YOU

  6. Again, glad work was almost done when I saw these! Neck vein, bare feet AND dat @ss, you have TRULY spoiled us this week!!

  7. DAMN!!! i wish i was Egan Inoue at these moments, here you go, i said it, are you happy now???
    big mahalo for the posting 🙂 ❤

  8. OMFG…Just when I didn’t think this man could look any SEXIER!!!…F ME!!
    That chest…those LONG legs…those beautiful feet…GOOD LORD…every inch (and I’m sure he has many) of him is FKNG AMAZING!!
    Sorry for all the cursing…that man puts a lot of dirty thoughts in my mind and a lot of dirty words in my mouth. Oh how I wish he’d put something else there instead.

  9. Too many arms and too many legs to focus, and I guess his gorgeous hair on his chest wins out. *fan self*

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